Preventing Data Leaks At The Workplace

Organizations are built on ideas, and as we all know, ideas are hard to come by. Every organization has a secret, it could be their award winning software, their marketing secrets and tactics, their financial strategy or some other secret information, which, if leaked, could spell financial disaster for the organization. A surprising statistic from Ponemon institute states that in 2015, 43 percent of organization have experienced data leaks. Some organizations have spent millions of dollars in an attempt to keep out hackers from infiltrating their servers. However, the greatest threat to data security doesn’t come from hackers outside the organization, it comes from within.

Organizations, in an attempt to make quick money by offering lower wages are unknowingly demotivating employees. Also, there are some employees that will always want more. For example, employees who might be paid well will may still be dissatisfied with their jobs. Whether they want better benefits, a promotion, something they hate about their boss or any of the slightest factor leading towards demotivation, could potentially motivate employees to steal company data. Let’s look at some practical examples of why and how employees steal sensitive data.

Mike works for a ABC pharmaceutical company as a senior marketing officer. He’s been working for the past 5 years in the same position. He feels that his life is going nowhere, after repeatedly applying for a senior position for the past 1 year. To no avail, he fails to land that position, accordingly he decides to take matters into his own hands. One day he gets a call from recruiter who is looking for someone with a senior level position for a XYZ pharmaceuticals, a competing firm. It seems mike has the right skill set with the preferred mindset for the job. However, to be considered for the position, Mike will need to share some detailed marketing strategies with the competing firm. Likewise, mike decides to copy some sensitive information onto a USB drive, given that he had unrestricted access to corporate marketing data, he was able to copy it all into an external drive. After appearing for the interview, mike shares some impressive details to the competing firm and is offered the job on the spot – without hesitation – he accepts the job offer.

Prevent data theft

Ways to prevent data theft:

Accordingly, as the above example shows, organization that carelessly manage their secret data risk losing it at the hands of demotivated and rogue employees. The only solution that can prevent theft of corporate data is to block USB port, which can restrict people from copying certain files and folders onto external drives such as USB flash drives, external hard drives or prevent rogue employees from uploading this information to an online server, i.e. the cloud. One exceptional software which works quite effectively in preventing data leaks at the workplace is USB Block. It has been around for several years and restrict copying of data from all sources, whether it is USB ports, CD drives, WIFI connection or some other source of data leaks, USB Block will keep your corporate data safe.