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    Benefits of becoming Affiliate:

    Who Should Join:Small / Large Online businesses, Affiliate Gurus, Download Sites, Email and Viral MarketersOffline Retailers, Decision Makers, Software / Hardware Bundling or OEM Departments
    The Payout Rate:25% to 50% flat rate commission to affiliates. For affiliates who produce good results, commission rate can be mutually negotiatedDepends upon up-front bulk licenses purchased by you (the reseller.) If you buy more licenses, more discounts will be considered.
    Prices:As per Website. Our USD, GBP and EUR pricing are fixed.Reseller can set their own pricing for their customers. We do not restrict them to sell for the price listed on our Website.
    Tracking:You can't buy lesser amount of licenses and sell more of them. That's because of our sophisticated internet tracking we do for each registered user. Buy exactly the number of licenses you wish to sell.
    Procedure:Order Form with affiliate ID needed. You can either put your affiliate ID embedded URL that you receive from BMT Micro after registration into your website / promotion, or you can let users download the trial version with affiliate ID embedded link. Make sure you download the specially prepared affiliate tracking trial version after registering with BMT Micro as it is specially prepared to fetch the affiliate ID that we pass into the Buy Now button in the software.The reseller must purchase upfront from NewSoftwares LLC and sell to their customers. Serial No., which is used to register our product, can't be used in more than the computers it's purchased for. Registration details are checked over the internet. For example, the serial number we issue for a 500 user license can't be used to set up 501st computer. Be sure to purchase an exact no. of licenses.
    Payment Schedule:Usually monthly when total reaches $100. You can customize it per your needs anytime once you register an affiliate account with BMT Micro.Profit on each sale. No need to wait for your Pay Checks.
    Payment Options:Check, Bank Wire Transfer or BMT Micro Vendor to Vendor money transfer options. BMT Micro Card.Profit on each sale. No need to wait for your Pay Checks.
    Maintain by:BMTMicro.comNewSoftwares LLC
    Customer Service:Provided by NewSoftwares LLC We do all the hassle, you make all the money.Negotiated by both parties. For example, we won't do customer support in foreign languages.
    Partnership Terms:NewSoftwares LLC does not allow you to bid for the same keywords, especially use of our registered trademark in Search Engines, PPC like Google Ad Words and Yahoo Marketing and other such channels of advertising where we are marketing our products already. You cannot use email spamming or other illegal methods to market as well.NewSoftwares LLC, resellers are not allowed to make use of a single license to register many customers. Being our partner you cannot resell / distribute incomplete, altered version of our product. If you need customization to match your brand and logo, you must request such services directly to us by clicking the 'Email Us' button below.
    Advantage:Profit made at no extra cost or effort. Every aspect of sale is taken care of by NewSoftwares.netCut overhead cost, increase your profit and diversify your business at no additional cost.