Data Leak Prevention SoftwareUSB Block

Prevent data leaks by restricting USB drives, external devices & ports on your PC.

Whitelist your portable drives only and block all others.

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What is USB Block?

A simple USB device can steal all your hard work in a blink! USB Block helps you to overcome such risk! USB Block is a data leak prevention software to block USB drives on your PC. Prevent theft and leakage of your important files, documents and source codes from devices like USB Drives, CD/DVD, and network computers. You can white-list your USB drives and devices. Whenever an unauthorized device is detected, a password prompt comes up.

Theft-proof your confidential files
Authorize trusted USB Drives and Devices
Authorize/Unauthorized Ports, Devices, Drives

Monitor Hack Attempts & incorrect passwords
Check log of any illegal activity
Prevent Data Leaks in offices and companies


Theft Proof your Confidential Files

USB Block enables you to restrict all the unauthorized devices from leaking out your personal files. Your PC might be full of photos, audios, videos, presentations, and office files you want no one to steal! Fear not, USB Block is created exactly for such purpose. You can whitelist only the authorized known devices and restrict the unwanted users from copying your files to unauthorized devices and USB drives etc.


Authorize trusted USB Drives and Devices

You can whitelist trusted devices that you commonly use. This way you can copy data to your own USB, External drives, your iPhone or Android phone but block other such devices from accessing your PC. When an unauthorized device is detected, a password prompt comes up asking you to either whitelist the device or cancel the access altogether.


Monitor Hack / Incorrect Password Attempts

This feature helps you check whether someone has tried to hack into USB Block by using incorrect passwords. Since only you know the password, you can rest assure that no hack attempts will be successful and all incorrect passwords will be logged to monitor any suspicious activity.



Awards & Accolades



5 stars award at FileGuru

Improved data protection software

Leading data leak protection tool that lets you limit all such untrusted devices that you do not trust and enable all the trusted devices by whitelisting them using this software.


5 Stars Award at SnapFiles

Reliable and recommended

Protect your files and folders from being burned directly to CDs/DVDs. Restrict the unauthorized USB ports and External Drives. Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


5 Stars Award at WinSite

Quick, easy and simple

Portable USB security software that is quick, easy to operate, simple and reasonably priced. An improved USB Security software that prevents any unauthorized data loss.

USB Block
USB Block

USB Block

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