USB Block Version History

VersionRelease DateWhats's New
1.8.1April, 19th 2022Minor bugs fixed including opening application without internet after registration bug, password notification screen freezing bugs.
1.8.0August, 06th 2021This version fixes BSOD issues on some newer version of Windows 10.
1.7.9March, 09th 2021This version fixes known UI glitches, minor bugs and BSOD issues for Windows 10.
1.7.6October, 04th 2019This version has been updated for enhanced performance on Windows 10.
1.7.5February, 08th 2019The latest update of USB Block brings you improved compatibility and the minor bugs are now fixed.
1.7.4May, 14th 2018Minor bugs fixed including device authentication bug after restart, close button bug in Prompt Win and temporary device authentication bug.
1.7.3March, 22nd 2018The latest update of USB Block comprises of minor bugs being fixed and the security of this software has been improved.
1.7.2December, 27th 2017In the latest update, the security of this software has been improved along with minor bugs being fixed.
1.7.1July, 19th 2017Improved user-interface, enhanced security and minor bugs have been fixed.
1.7.0April, 10th 2017In this update, USB Block is perfectly compatible to work on Windows 10 and minor bugs have been fixed.
1.6.3January, 17th 2017In this version update, minor bugs have been resolved in the GUI interface.
1.6.2October, 21st 2014In the latest version, modifications have been made to the code to strengthen its protection and taking it near to the perfection.
1.6.1July, 18th 2014USB Block version 1.6.1 has been updated with a new, easy to use interface. In addition, significant improvement has been made to its existing code, making data leak prevention more reliable than ever before.
1.5.5May, 10th 2013In this version, modifications have been made to code for better overall protection and compatibility against USB 3.0 devices.
1.5.1May, 23rd 2012Maintenance update. Fixes and enhancements to improve overall compatibility of the program.
1.5.0January, 13th 2012This version update of USB Block works around all critical issues with the application. Problems related to excess CPU usage and application performance have been solved. All known bugs, user reported issues and glitches have been fixed as well. A recommended update!
1.3.0July, 16th 2010USB Block, formerly known as Device Block is now a more stable version of the same product with enhanced protection and improved monitoring features. There are some fixes related to password prompt for blocked items, some GUI enhancements and important bug fixes.