Customer Reviews & Testimonials

You’ve gotta winner!

I find Folder Lock an easy and efficient product. As a journalist, I have many confidential files which I do not want to allow easy access to. But what I particularly commend is the level of service, which is far more prompt and intelligent than the support I get from other products I buy in different continents. And they do not give up easily, but work really hard to resolve issues.

Barney Zwartz (Oregon, USA)

Great Program!

We have been extremely happy with your products and services and it would be my great pleasure in recommending your product to other users and companies. Folder Lock was the one security application we chose after trying out 12 different data security programs.

I have used Folder lock for so many years now and the usability and ease of using Folder Lock is excellent. On behalf of my company, staff and myself we strongly recommend Folder Lock if people want a quality product.

Jessica Westworth (Australia)

Very intuitive to use!

Fantastic, essential if you are a Web designer and need to keep clients data secure” This is for sure the easiest and quickest way to ensure that our data is kept safe. As a Web Design company we have to keep customers data secure. I was very impressed at how user friendly this system is, as compared to others. It was up and running in minutes. We can now reassure all our clients that their data is safe with us. Folder lock has by far outstood all the tricky software applications I have tried ever.

Jon Siddall (Birmingham, U.K)


Folder Lock was extremely easy to use, and very quick to install. Some of our users handle very confidential files locally on their PC’s and needed the extra protection. This program has done just that ! We’ve even tested your program out by having some of our Tech’s guys try to gain access to the Folders while they are locked, and have been unsuccessful. So you’ve past our test as well, and we are glad to have purchased the program.

Larry Foster (California, USA)

One Word – Amazing!

I had downloaded about TEN different folder locking programs before getting to Folder Lock… and they all were difficult to understand, hard to use… and messed up my machine. But Folder Lock was the easiest, cleanest, stable and even better looking and fun to use! and not trying to rip people of by charging a huge amount of money like other software companies. This encryption program is what I need and want… let me pay you your due.

Edward Gosik (Vermont, USA)

Your Support Rocks!

I must take this opportunity to thank you for the patience and tenacity displayed while endeavoring to solve my problem. I really appreciate the time and effort you so steadfastly spared on my behalf. To this end you can be assured that I will make a concerted effort to broadcast my approval and recommendation to as many people as I can. You are indeed a credit to the software industry.

Dave Johnson (Florida, USA)

Fantastic Customer Service!

I have tried the trial version an was so impressed I’ve decided to purchase this product from newsoftwares, Please keep the updates rolling in…

John Noonan (Washington, USA)

Absolutely excellent!!!

Good product. Does what it says on the tin! Fast, easy, reliable protection of files with the minimum of fuss. Keep up the good work guy’s.

Simon Butler (Ohio, USA)

Best Folder Locking program on the NET!

Folder Lock has the best features of any encryption software. I purchased one a couple of years ago and have enjoyed using it. I am now getting two more licenses to use on my other computers. Thanks!!!!!!

Evelynne Hagle (Iowa, USA)

The best folder locking program ever!!!

Did some searching on the web, read both good AND bad reviews, tested it myself and for what I need the product for – protect removable storage including hard drives – seems to do the job well.

Keith Shimmin (North Carolina, USA)

Brilliant, user friendly and clear instructions!!

I’ve only had this program for a few hours and I love it. It is so easy to use. Especially like the drag and drop feature. This was the deciding factor for me.

Barbara Caban (New York, USA)

Absolutely brilliant!! I congratulate you.!

This program is absolutely brilliant!! I congratulate you. I don’t think there will ever be another one like it and, if there is, it could never be as good. Thank you. Thank you.

Edward Nicholls (Pennsylvania, USA)

Folder Lock – Peace of Mind!!

I had it on a laptop that was just stolen. I loved it and feel much safer knowing that my important files were locked up!

Michael Williamson (Manitoba, Canada)

Folderlock is brilliantly made!!

Your software seems to fit perfectly for what I need! I share rooms with others being in the military and I have personal family files that I don’t want anyone else tampering with. And folderlock is brilliantly made!

Clif Ingemunson (Portsmouth, United Kingdom)

Excellent Product!

The application does exactly what it should do, lock folders. You can choose the level of security you want, based on your needs. It works great on removable drives, which is what I do. I can move my drive to different computers and have access to my files. If the drive gets lost or stolen, then I know the information will not be useful. I have used their support and it is excellent. You can not go wrong by choosing this product.

Timothy birchler (Maine, USA)

Truly hides the files!!

This program will hide folders – the folders can NOT be accessed from DOS or other OS without running Folder Lock.The files hidden by this program are undeletable, unrenamable, unmovable, hidden, locked and totally inaccessible. Intruders can’t delete the program folder of Folder Lock and uninstalling the program is not possible without entering the correct password. The program even allows you to move the program EXE of Folder Lock to any drive so you can run the program from that drive and keep the files in the ‘Locker’ folder it creates and lock them up.

Jennifer Peny(Sunderland, UK)

Best program for vista that I have!

I bought folder lock a year ago, came to California for a few months, bought a new laptop, downloaded and installed Folder lock in my new laptop but forgot to bring the key with me. The nice people at Folder lock, sent me a key to use because I had already bought the program. That’s good service! And just a note, it works great with Vista and XP!

William Fox (Illinois, USA)

Beyond words!!

I like the way Folder Lock makes it a snap to protect sensitive files and folders quickly. How could it be simpler. I have used it, tried it for a day and bought it as it worked for my needs.

Jane Blevins(Victoria, Australia)