Why Folder Lock?

Think about companies like Facebook, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft - Now think about how much you trust them with your data knowing full well that millions of records are breached by hackers and third-party apps every year.

If you don't want to think that far; think about your co-workers, your boss or even your spouse who is curious about what you do online or what type of files you have on your Computer.

Now picture yourself going about your usual day mindlessly saving passwords in a spreadsheet you keep in 'Documents' folder, surfing scam websites and unknowingly installing malware.


With 515 million records breached in 2011 in US alone, information is changing hands and data transfer figures are at record numbers, critical files and folders need robust protection so that intruders or unauthorized users are stopped right in their tracks.

Data Protection is no longer limited to companies, it's for everyone. Antiviruses and firewalls aren't enough anymore. Data left unprotected can lead to theft, data-loss, and breaches of privacy, costing you embarrassment, money, maybe even your job or business!

Folder Lock comes to your rescue by offering


Folder Lock offers 256-bit military grade encryption[1] [2] for your Desktop files as well as your Cloud Storage files. The program doesn’t upload your files to our servers but to your own Cloud Storage; hence your data remains encrypted, backed up and totally under your own control. Furthermore, your passwords are not saved anywhere on your Computer leaving no backdoors.


Whether you use Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, you can backup, sync, restore deleted or modified files, maintain file versioning and utilize all your favorite features your cloud service offers with the goodness of encryption. Folder Lock integrates with every aspect of your Cloud Storage.


Folder Lock doesn’t only offer a convenient way to secure ALL your data in one single location – your Locker – but gives you additional features like saving and syncing your encrypted Wallets, Passwords and Notes across devices – all utilizing the same location. This makes it possible to keep your complete digital life in Folder Lock and restore it anytime; anywhere; using any device.

Mobile Apps

Folder Lock comes with full-fledged iPhone/iPad and Android apps. These apps are not just PC compatible but have independent full-fledged mobile features like Protect Email/SMS, Social Vault, App Lock, To Dos, Contacts, Bookmarks, WiFi Transfer and Secure Browser. In addition to Photos, Videos, Documents, Music (with their players/viewers) plus Cloud and Sync features.


Files shared from within Folder Lock remain encrypted. The best way to do that is to create Portable Lockers that are encrypted but executable (.exe). So they can be sent via email or in a USB drive so that the recipient can enter the shared password to open the Locker to access your files.

Virus/Malware Protection

Whether viruses, hacker tools, trojans, malware, spyware, ransomware, third-party apps, malicious programs or harmful scripts – Since Folder Lock encrypts files on their original location and displays content only in virtual drive and offers backup on a Cloud Storage of your choice, it offers a reliable method to protect you from all these threats.[3]


Unlike slow encryption programs, the program uses on-the-fly AES-256 bit encryption, a method that takes seconds to encrypt even GBs of files and doesn’t ask you to create a huge File-System file that consume a lot of storage space. The Locker grows as your data grows – automatically. You don’t need to do anything – Just drag and drop your files in the Lockers and voila!


Thanks to on-the-fly encryption – 1) Your encrypted data is decrypted only when run; not when viewed 2) Data is decrypted in Memory, not in Hard Drive 3) Leaving no footprints or recovery possible 4) Not consuming any additional Hard Drive space 5) And no shredding needed of accessed files as there is nothing to be shredded in the first place.

Protect Folders

If you’re too paranoid and don’t want Folder Lock to touch your files in this way (no encryption); you can also use Protect Folders feature to hide files, folders and drives on your Computer. Protect Folders hides and stops access to your files without any type of alteration taking place to your files. We recommend you to use this option for folders that you want to secure but not encrypt.

Portable Lockers

If you don’t like to stick to just your PC, you can create Portable Lockers to keep your files encrypted and then send them via email, store them in USB/External Flash Drives or burn them to CDs/DVDs. You can stop worrying about lost or stolen USB/External drives and Laptops and your data in inaccessible to thieves even if they stole your device.

Safe Mode

Folder Lock uses advanced kernel level filter driver technology to protect your folders. This is not the same as Windows hidden & system files and folders but more advanced way to protect your files and folders. Protected folders are protected even in Safe Mode.

Additional Options

Other features included are; Stealth Mode (to hide application from Windows and use it with hotkeys), Hack Monitor (View incorrect password attempt logs and perform actions based on that), Auto Protect (Automatically protect after a certain time of keyboard and mouse inactivity) and Security & Privacy options (Dual Password Protection, 2-Factor Authentication etc.)

Additional Security

Folder Lock cannot be uninstalled without the correct password. And if you don’t want to rely just on your password. Furthermore, you can go to Settings > Password Security. You can choose here how you want parts of the program to use master password to open up.

Additional Features

Folder Lock also lets you shred your files, folders and drives so that they are deleted beyond recovery; Wipe empty drive space so that already deleted files are shredded as well; Clean History to let you clean Windows history. If you forget cleaning Windows history regularly then don’t worry, when Folder Lock exits; it automatically cleans it anyways.

Does all this sound too good to be true? Well, give Folder Lock a whirl!

[1] Learn more about 256-bit AES Encryption. More detailed information is mentioned on this Wikipedia article.

[2] Folder Lock uses military grade 256-bit AES Encryption on all computer files regardless of file format in Desktop Locker, Dropbox Locker, Google Drive Locker and OneDrive Locker folders except for Mobile Locker. In Mobile Locker documents, archives and other formats are encrypted as well except photo, video and audio files. These are mobile only media files. Folder Lock uses another method of data security for these files. Using another method ensures faster content display on mobile devices as there are no fast on-the-fly encryption methods available on mobile phones for large media files).

Who needs Folder Lock?

General Users

If you want to lock, hide and password-protect your personal pictures, videos, private files, from family and friends with whom you share you PC.

Network Users

If you want to protect and block your personal files and folders from shared home, public or company network, WiFi, Adhoc or Bluetooth connection.

Portable Drive Users

If you want to password-protect files and folders you keep on your USB Drives, External Drives, CD, DVD or other portable devices.


If you travel a lot and you know how hard it is to keep up with data on-the-go with limited internet access. You can sync your files across devices when you have internet access and other times relax without fretting about losing your laptop or mobile phone.

Technical Users

If you want to encrypt your project files, source codes, company documents, trade secrets, copyright material and secret information from colleagues, employees, technicians and administrators and from accidental deletion and theft.

Bosses & Employees

If you want to share and collaborate with co-workers or want to setup a server to keep files encrypted and give limited access to the Lockers to all employees in your company.

Internet Users

If you want to prevent access, tampering, modification or deletion of your important files that can be caused by viruses, hacker tools, trojans, malware, spyware, ransomware, third-party apps, malicious programs and harmful scripts.

Folder Lock protects you:

From data-theft

If you want to secure a notebook computer so that if it gets misplaced, lost or stolen, all your important files and personal folders remain inaccessible.

From data-Loss

If you want to backup your encrypted files and folders so that in an event your hard drive dies, computer crashes or accidentally data is deleted, you have a backed up and password protected copy over the cloud.

From data-Leak

If you want to protect data on a portable device such as a USB Flash Drive, Memory Stick, CD-RW, Zip Drive or Floppy Disk, so that you can transfer it from one computer to another or archive it without any fear of being stolen.