Notes Lock

for iPhone / Android

Write, create and edit notes along with photos and audios and more....

What is Notes Lock?

Got notes that possess information that is dear to you? Think you’re creative ideas no longer stay creative due to lack of security? Read on, we can help you. Notes Lock is an upgraded security app that lets you password protect your creative ideas, lyrics and anything that can be written. Maintain proper notes with effective security and have a complete peace of mind.



Secured Notes

Create secured, secret notes without worrying about snoopers or hackers.


Reminder Alert

Quickly and conveniently set reminders for important notes and events.


Security Credentials

Set up a password, PIN or pattern to secure your credentials.


Attach Photo

Dynamically attach images to go along with your secured notes and memos.


Voice Recording

Conveniently record voice reminders and memos with secured notes.


Calendar View

Manage your notes accordingly with a calendar view.