About Us

Older than Facebook!

In existence since 2001, we’re leading data security company with more than 250 awards and accolades!

Today – We are!

A Global Success – Over 50 million users in over 120 countries!
About Us

Who are we?

NewSoftwares LLC is committed to providing strong, effective solutions in information security to its immediate customers and long-term partners & clients. We are constantly engaged in research and development, our focus lies on how to create new and improve existing products by utilizing the latest technological standards currently available. Using this approach, we have been tremendously successful in providing effective solutions in data privacy and encryption.


Our Mission

Is our route to success, which is based on three core values:

  • To listen to our customers’ feedback and ideas.
  • To think security in all aspects of people’s digital lives.
  • To innovate and diversify the field of data security.

Our Vision

We believe that our success lies in focusing on the following principles:

  • To identify gaps & shortcomings in the existing practices.
  • To develop & implement best data security- practices.
  • To innovate user-friendly products that works for everyone.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophical perspective is to focus on the following ethics:

  • Focus on the users’ needs; not your own home grown ideas.
  • Focus on one thing at a time rather than lots of things.
  • Focus on constantly changing and improving products.