Ransomware Protection

Folder Lock defends your data against Ransomware!

1anti-ransome Proprietary Ransomware Protection

Folder Lock’s proprietary file lock technology prevents ransomware from hijacking your data.

2anti-ransome Improved Encryption against Cyber-Attacks

No matter how dangerous Ransomware is, it simply cannot damage the encrypted files and folders.

3anti-ransome Dynamic & Incorruptible Lockers

Folder Lock Encryption Software allows you to generate encrypted lockers which keep your data encapsulated.


What is Ransomware?

The malicious nature of ransomware

Ransomware is a malicious file locking virus that can encrypt your important files, foldersdocuments, images and videos, it also known as the crypto virus. There are many varieties of ransomware, but they have the same purpose, that is to prevent you from accessing your files, folders and other important data. The scary part about ransomware is that can affect everyone: individuals, businesses, charities and government departments have all been affected with ransomware. The purpose of ransomware is to force you to pay a ransom amount in order regain access to your important data. However, there’s no guarantee that you will be able to regain access to your data after paying the specified ransom.


How common is ransomware?

Ransomware is the most sophisticated data-security threat to date

Ransomware is becoming increasingly common because it’s overall effectiveness, this is because victims are readily available to comply in order to regain access to their important data, in 2015 victims lost approx. $325 million by paying ransom. User can be affected with Ransomware from a variety of sources and commonly found on malicious websites. It can piggy back on seemingly trusted software, email attachments and many other sources. Once it is downloaded, it starts to lock file or files that are considered important for the user. Due to the overwhelming success with ransomware, newer and more effective versions are being developed which are impossible to bypass, these are known as crypto-ransomware. The Crypto-Ransomware identifies certain data saved on your PC and locks its, preventing the user from accessing important documents such as spreadsheets (XLS or XLSX), PDF documents (PDF), word files (DOC or DOCX), PowerPoint presentations (PPTX) Publisher, (PUB), One Note (ONE), Visio (VSDX) Microsoft Access (ACCDB) and other important information that maybe considered invaluable for the user.


If your data is compromised?

The odds are greatly against you!

If your data is compromised, there’s no real means of getting it back, even if you pay the ransom, there’s no guarantee that you will regain access to your data. Next, even if you manage to regain access to your data, chances are extremely high that it would be corrupted by ransomware virus. Thus, odds will be greatly against you, you’ll end up spending a considerable sum in order to pay the ransom without ever regaining access to your data. Dismally, it will by you who will end up receiving short end of the stick – and this is an understatement!


How Folder Lock Protects you from ransomware?

Folder Lock keeps your data Safe from Cyber-Attacks!

Folder Lock is a patented file locking software which has been engineered to prevent ransomware from infecting your files. Our proprietary file lock mechanism allows you to encrypt and password protect folders and important files inside encrypted lockers. When Ransomware is downloaded on your PC, it cannot affect those files, as they are encapsulated inside Folder lock’s encrypted locker. In addition, these lockers have a built in mechanism to prevent any other programs from modifying them – except, of course Folder Lock software itself. In a nutshell, as long as your important data is encrypted with Folder Lock, it will be unaffected by ransomware. Folder Lock costs only a few dollars, but it can help you save thousands or even millions from the losing important data.