Calculator# - Vault

for iPhone / Android

A digital vault that lets you protect videos, notes, photos and more....

What is Calculator# – Vault?

Need an icon that looks like a calculator but opens all your confidential documents, notes, photos and videos? Look no further, this is now made possible. Calculator# – Vault is an improved security tool that is disguised as a calculator and nobody would ever know what’s inside such icon. Since this icon is password protected, not nobody can access your private data.



Lock Photos & Videos

Take secure images on the fly or import personal media from web and gallery.


Secret Gallery

Keeps all your locked personal media such as videos and images organized.


Secure Notes

Create secret, password-protected notes, access, view and review them inside secure interface.


Lock Audio Files

Lockdown sensitive audio recordings, option to import from web browser and phone’s internal storage.


Disguised Login

App launch icon is disguised in the form of a calculator app by default, inputting secret code launches app.


Cloud Backup

Keep locked data backed up to your personal cloud account. Easily recover lost data in case of theft or loss of device.