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USB Block allows users to operate their computers and laptops with complete peace of mind. No more fear of data leaks and data theft. Using hardcore data leak prevention mechanisms, USB Block helps you protect your information and data from illegal copying, distribution, and unauthorized access.


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An upgraded data leak prevention software that prevents any unauthorized access. Quick, easy, effective and recommended!


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USB Block is a renowned data leak prevention software that prevents data leakage and restricts unauthorized access.


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USB Block is one of the most highly recommended data protection applications available as a download from SnapFiles. With positive user reviews and strong protection features, USB Block has become one of the most recommended tools on SnapFiles.


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A solid security tool that restricts data leaks or data loss. Its hardcore protection mechanism limits the prying eyes from doing any damage to you!


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USB Block is a clean downloadable data protection program available as a free trial from It is free from Malware and features amazing data leak protection features that is useful for anyone looking to protect their hard work and important files from unauthorized access.


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USB Block has become a leading data leak protection tool in it’s category. Lightweight, simple to operate, and reasonably priced, New has a sure-fire winner on their hands.


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USB Block is data protection software from New that allows blocking devices that don’t belong to you. With advance data protection mechanisms, USB Block protects user data through active monitoring and logging of attempting log attempts by devices not on users’ device management list.


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USB Block is a highly recommended application to protect important user data and systems from being accessed by unauthorized external devices like USB drives, Flash drives, thumb drives, CDs/DVDs, etc. The software is clean from any malware and is available as a free trial download.


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USB Block protects user data against data-leak and data-theft by blocking access to unauthorized external devices. It is an important utility that is a must have for anyone in need of lightweight and clean downloadable data protection tool that is easy to use and operate.


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USB Block is a simple data protection application for users with data protection needs. Anyone can easily learn to operate the program and start protecting their data with this authentic and highly recommended application.


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With USB Block, users have complete data leak protection and a comprehensive defense against misuse of data and malware attacks. highly recommends this product in it’s category.