Reviews & Testimonials

An Awesome tool that helps prevents data leak!

I just love the features in USB Block. For example, the fact that it blocks access to unauthorized devices which in return helps curtail the chances of my computer being infected with malwares. Wonderful little application that is power-packed!

Paul Newman, (Alberta, Canada)

Protect multiple machines!

I am a lab assistant and for people like me who are responsible for several computers USB Block is an absolute must-have. USB Block actively maintains data-breach security for my computers and helps me restrict access to these machines from unauthorized systems.

Leticia Darby (Louisiana, USA)

Simply powerful!

USB Block is a powerful utility that blocks unwanted external devices from accessing your machines. Impressive!

Richi worth (Quebec, Canada)

A valuable data protection tool!

USB Block offers a valuable service; providing control over USB devices in a network, on a CD/DVD. I like its detailed summary option; users can see which devices they have blocked from others and the time of any unauthorized access attempts.

Debbie Mooreland (Tennessee, USA)

Better confidence with USB Block!

Most other similar software in the market are good but this USB Block provides a better confidence when it comes to keeping my data private. Most of my work revolves around government contracting and suffice to say, folks like me usually require a state of urgency and secrecy. I appreciate what USB Block stands for and how it protects my confidential information from unwanted eyes.

Mathew McDouglas (Ohio, USA)

Answer to obvious questions!

USB Block is the solution to most portable and stored data protection problems.

McLeod Simmons (Colorado, USA)

Reliable software!

USB Block has been a reliable partner for my documents that need advance protection.

Richard Hayworth Jr (Minnesota, USA)

Blocks any device!

USB Block prevents data from getting disclosed. I can block my network & other drives from external attacks.

Christian Derrickson (Michigan, USA)

Looks Good. Performs Better. Superb!

USB Block not only comes in a user-friendly and stylish looks, but also outperforms any other product in it’s category. Its focused precision in protecting local data from external threats is simply outstanding.

Cathy Genheimer (QC, Canada)

Protects Network Drives!

Honestly, I only purchased a copy of USB Block to protect my network drives. And I have not been disappointed as yet!

Tony Amadeus (B.C. Canada)