Online Data Backup – New Trends Of Securing Your Data On The Cloud


Countless pictures, audios and videos you have amassed over the years, numerous company’s books you have created and stockpiled, and never-ending emails you receive and send, unless they are securely backed up, can be departed from your possession like a bolt of lightning.

What do you think would happen if your precious information is wiped out of your storage, either accidentally or on purpose? Not that you don’t have any data recovery technique to retrieve what you lost; but, what if you cannot recover your valuable data regardless of how smart the method you deployed. Not forgetting the unpredictable behavior of your computer’s hard drives that give no advance warning before going absolutely nuts.

That’s true. Technology can never be entirely relied upon as one minute its working fine, and the next minute you are at a loss.
For a situation like this, which of course can happen to anyone and is – for the most part- beyond our control, online backup of your data is the smartest solution ever. But, it is important to use a reliable Online Backup service which allows you to easily access your uploaded data, and in case of a catastrophic data loss, accidental deletion or damage, all the data can be smoothly retrieved from the server. As similar as the real-life insurance that you buy for your home and business, online backup serves as the indemnity of your data that you want to keep safe.

The most understood advantage is the reduced risk of losing your data as a result of damage, theft, or accidental loss. It takes zero cost and not much of your time to retrieve your data from the online server simply by entering your password. Furthermore, online data storage comes as a relief for those of you who are not too much lucky with the hardware technology. As there is nothing to deal with the hardware, there is no need to maintain or repair the storage device.
For those of you who are still considering hardware backup as the safest backup plan, let me give you some really hard facts about hardware data backup.

Do you know that your computer’s hard drives can be damaged by any infection or software and your data can be lost permanently? 3% of new hard drives fail, while 6% hard drives on completion of their 3rd year. Consider yourself stuck in one of these situations. You bought a new hard drive and transferred all your data in it the same day. The next day you find out that your hard drive is damaged or has failed. Now, along with the cost of buying a new hard drive, you have to pay an additional cost of getting it repaired or having your data retrieved by using retrieval software.

One way or the other, losing data is almost a certitude now. What’s important is to find an efficient as well as quick way of backing your data online to stay assured that your important information is safe and secured.

If you are an entrepreneur, running a big setup and saving data in double digits of gigabytes, or maybe triple digits of gigabytes; don’t you want to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every file you change will automatically be protected seconds after you finish working on it?

All set to hit the horizon soon, Folder Lock 7, a full suite security solution, is coming your way to cure your tech ache. Addressing the most frequently heard trouble, being blubbered over by various people from diverse fields of life, Folder Lock 7 is all set to give you a ‘set it and forget it’ security solution which can protect the privacy of your systems in a worry-free way.

NOW, you can keep your personal files protected in both PC and portable drives with Folder Lock 7 online backup feature- something that will keep you out of the fear of losing your data, should any disastrous event happens to your preciously amassed and extremely confident data.

Coming about a full circle towards integrating its security in the cloud, Folder Lock 7 backs your encrypted data online without involving you to go through the trouble of doing anything manually.
It gives you an online account, asks you to set your password, gives you a locker to save your encrypted files into and expects you to back it up online. And that’s it. Your part of work is over! From this point and onwards, unless you want to delete your locker or restore any file you accidentally deleted from your local computer, this smart security product will do everything on its own. Let’s consider these scenarios:

You are in the middle of backing up your data online and you are only half way through its complete uploading when something happens to your system and all you see in front of you is a monitor with a blank screen.

There’s nothing really to be worried about. With Folder Lock 7’s advance online backup feature, the next time you log into your system your data will start being backed up exactly from the point where it was halted. Similarly, if you need to modify anything in the files you have backed up already, you don’t need to manually decrypt them or restore the locker from cloud to start working on it and then upload it back. As soon as you are done with your work, every change will automatically be protected seconds after you worked on them.
Furthermore, keeping in mind the instances of accidental file deletion which is-for the most part- beyond anyone’s control, the one-way synchronization technique ensures the safety of your file, even if you mistakenly deleted it from your local computer. All it requires you to do is to restore the locker you deleted which you deleted the file from. It will automatically restore the file you deleted without making any duplication or involving you to locate the file manually.

The backup and restore transmissions of these files take place using 128-bit SSL connection, proven to keep the bad guys from intercepting encrypted data. Since data is encrypted at both ends, there is never a risk of data availability without a correct password; securing your confidentiality by protecting you from data-loss.

Offering a perfect combo of 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption and syncing of encrypted files to an online storage, this security solution will prove to be the most vivid silver lining peering out of the cloud. The story doesn’t end here. The list of its wonders goes on. Stay with us to find more about it.