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  • Copy Protect has completely impressed our users community with its protection features that restrict access to important media files and folders.

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  • Copy Protect your life - Don't let data pirates steal your stuff when distributing your media files.

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  • Copy Protect allows you to protect files on CDs, DVDs, USB drives, and other portable media from illegal copying and distribution.

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  • Copy Protect 1.5.0 is 100% clean and Awarded 5 Stars rating. It was tested thoroughly and was found 100% clean.

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Copy ProtectCopy Protect 1.6.0

Copy Protect your media files

Prevent Duplication of documents

Prevent Illegal Distribution

Distribute USBs/CDs
Remedy Copyright issues
Prevent Data Leaks
Highly Secure Burning
Windows Compatible
For Windows - 23 MB - Version 1.6.0 - What's New?
Copy Protect What is Copy Protect?
Copy Protect-Features & Benefits Features & Benefits
  • No Illegal Distribution
  • Prevent Duplication
  • Copy Protection
  • Protect Data-in-Use
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Secure Burning
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  • It did what I needed it to do. It costs ... But the price is reasonable. There are other similar products in the market, but most can't handle large files.


    Anthony F. Towers (West Virginia, USA)

  • I can protect my all files, audios & videos & it supports almost all extensions. Really nice with a large interface where every option is clear.


    William Hal (South Caroline, USA)

  • Quickly protects my data and restricts access to my files… Even has a user-friendly interface...


    Marie Elizabeth (Ontario, Canada)

  • No one can copy my assignments and steal from my computer...


    Chris Liam (Alaska, USA)

  • I have tried many different type of "backup" programs... Copy protect automates all my procedures in to one simple click.


    Mitchell Locke (Nevada, USA)