Copy Protect Version History

VersionRelease DateWhats's New
2.0.6October, 15th 2019This version has been updated for enhanced performance on Windows 10.
2.0.5March, 09th 2018Minor bugs fixed and the compatibility of the software has been improved in the latest update.
2.0.4December, 12th 2017In the latest update, the minor bugs have been fixed and slight changes are made to improve its compatibility.
2.0.3December, 21st 2016In this version update, the software code has been upgraded to work better with Windows 10 anniversary update, resulting is 11% faster CD burning cycles.
2.0.2June, 25th 2015In this version update, some improvements have been made, resulting in quicker CD burning process.
2.0.1March, 24th 2015In this version update of Copy Protect, we have resolved some minor bugs.
2.0.0October, 03rd 2014Copy Protect version 2.0.0 has been updated with a new, easy to use interface. In addition, significant improvement has been made to its existing code.
1.6.0November, 01st 2013This updated version has been released with improved copy-protection algorithm. What's more, minor changes have been made in order to enhance its compatibility in protecting various file formats not supported in the previous version.
1.5.0March, 07th 2011This version update of Copy Protect fixes PDF reader update issue and overall compatibility with 64-bit Operating systems.