Copy Protect®

Copy Protect – Features

The complete copy protection solution for distribution of copy sensitive material.

Copy Protection!


  • Ideal software for true professionals in the media industry or other corporate media groups, it allows you to freely share your ideas with your peers.
  • Copy Protect is engineered to augment information security by restricting access to your sensitive files.
  • Copy Protect provides UNBREAKABLE protection for all your media files including your videos, audios, pictures, and documents.

Prevent Duplication!


  • Copy protect is engineered to prevent copying and duplication of films, videos, music and other copyrighted material.
  • Data infringement can lead to lost revenues and loss of intellectual credit, Copy Protect prevents such incidents.
  • Works with all types of popular file extensions, ensuring all types of media are safe from data duplication.

Prevent Illegal Distribution!


  • Copy Protect thwarts unauthorized re-distribution of all your protected files through its drive-specific restriction mechanism.
  • Media such as videos, photographs and presentation cannot be illegally distributed when protected with copy protect.
  • Ensures your intellectual property will not be illicitly distributed and sold, offering you a piece of mind.

Data Leak Prevention!


  • Data leaks can end up costing millions of dollars annually in direct losses to individuals and organizations resulting from data leaks.
  • Copy Protect enhances your data’s integrity and confidentiality with advance copy protection technology.
  • Your copy protected data remains protected even during transfers from your CD/DVD or USB drives to any other drive.

Data-in-use Protection!


  • Advance copy protection technology restricts access to your data from whoever tries to run your copy protected applications from drives other than the source drive.
  • Copy Protect secures your data and information and allows you to continue using your files in the way you want without worrying about unwanted access to your important files.
  • Continue using and accessing files casually protected with Copy Protect, without worrying about anyone else copying it.

Highly Secure Burning!


  • Copy Protect helps you securely distribute your files to clients or other computers. With Copy Protect, your information and data is always protected.
  • Copy Protect converts your media files into standalone ‘.EXE’ applications that can be securely viewed and re-distributed.
  • Freely distribute your intellectual media on CD’s/DVD without having to fret about it being dishonestly copied.