The Reason Your Data & Information Gets Hacked!

Edward Robin

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One of the major thoughts of the current century is what motivates the hackers in doing what they do? How stealing corporate data hacking bring joy to them? Or in simple words, how do such prying eyes steal your money by only stealing your basic information? Days come & go, and such incidents always rise as there seems no possible solution of restricting such threat.

Multiple existing Cloud Accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive are very much at threat to such setup and for this reason, the extremely sensitive information is usually recommended not to be stored on such accounts. Hence, the issue of hacking is one of the major threats of the modern era that should be given equal importance to make sure you have no regrets in the future.

The answer however to all these problems is quite simple, straightforward, and known to every common man who has a little knowledge about the system. These hackers connect with the black market (online) network which lets them sell your stolen data without your consent or repercussions. This market is no different to that of drug trading market as everything including documents, photos, videos, etc. is sold to such dealers for the sake of blackmailing. Once they have something that was once with you, they can now blackmail you to extreme limits, measures and what not. This process doesn’t stop here and further carries on to extortion money, misuse of fake identities, and even leading to terrorism.

By now, you might be well equipped with the idea of how dangerous this world is and how easily one can make money out of nothing illegally.

Therefore, we’ve agreed upon a universal truth that it is entirely not safe for us to store our confidential files, documents, etc. on the desktop as we’re not the only one having full autonomous control over it. Back in the days saving all the important files on a desktop was ideal as it was quite convenient but now we highly recommend you not to do so as you know what the consequences could be.

The entire organizations are facing similar conditions as majority of the data is stored on hard drives or other storage devices. Information about financial strategies, marketing strategies, HR data and more are all stored on computers. Even when the HR department is unable to keep employees happy, the same people who once worked for the company become their enemy who seeks revenge and more.

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But let’s not dwell on the fact that all is lost. We at work on the daily basis of creating new and improved software tools for your convenience. Be it cloud data security, desktop data security, USB security and more; we cover it all.
We believe in the fact that the risk that exists is quite visible, logical and something that cannot be ignored. But the same risk can be minimized to the least possible level. All with the help of some security softwares suitable to your need and that’s it, no more threats of data loss or data leaks.
Our Flagship product ‘Folder Lock’ lets you lock files, encrypt folders, secure wallets, USB security and more. It is a complete ‘all-in-one’ package that knows no boundaries.

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Another emerging product comes from the name ‘Cloud Secure’ that lets you protect multiple cloud accounts (Dropbox, one drive, Google drive, etc.) using a single master password. Also, Cloud Secure lets you sync your data even when it’s locked. All in all, this software is a win-win software in all aspects.

Along comes ‘USB Secure‘ which protects your USB drives by all means necessary. It lets you password protect all the data stored on your USB drive including files, photos, audios, videos, etc.

What Are The Causes Of Getting Hacked?

Reason Your Data & Information Gets Hacked
The Causes Of Getting Hacked

1. Weak passwords: Using weak passwords or reusing passwords across multiple accounts can make it easier for hackers to gain access to your accounts.

2. Phishing scams: Opening suspicious emails or clicking on malicious links can give hackers access to your system.

3. Social engineering: Hackers use social engineering techniques to trick users into revealing personal information or granting access to their accounts.

4. Outdated software: Failing to update software on your computer or mobile device.

Common Causes Of Data Breaches

The most common causes of data breaches are:1. Unsecured networks and systems that are vulnerable to attacks.

2. Poorly configured or outdated software and hardware.

3. Weak or stolen passwords.

4. Malware and malicious software.

5. Insufficient access control and authentication measures.

6. Social engineering attacks.

7. Insider threats.

8. Physical theft or loss of devices containing sensitive data.

Why Do Hackers Want Your Data?

Hackers want your data for a variety of reasons. They may use it to commit identity theft, gain access to your financial accounts, or even blackmail you. They may also want to use it to gain access to your computer or network for malicious purposes such as distributing malware. Ultimately, hackers want your data to make money or gain access to other valuable resources.

What Are Hackers Looking For?

Hackers are looking for any type of sensitive information that can be used to gain access to accounts, networks, or systems. This can include usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, personal information, and other confidential data. Hackers also look for vulnerabilities in software or hardware that can be exploited to gain access to sensitive data or to compromise systems.

What Can Hackers See On My Phone?

hacker watch you through your phone
my phone is hacked

Hackers can potentially see a lot of information on your phone, depending on what type of phone you have and what security measures you have implemented. They can potentially access your contacts, messages, photos, emails, and financial information stored on the phone. They can also access your location, web browsing history, and any apps you have installed.

Can Someone Hack My Phone And Use My Data?

Yes, someone can potentially hack your phone and access your data. Hackers can use a variety of methods to gain access to your device, such as exploiting software vulnerabilities, using malicious apps, or using brute force attacks. Once they gain access to your device, they can access all the data stored on it, including your contacts, messages, photos, emails, and financial information.

Can Someone Hack My Internet Data?

your internet network be hacked
if someone hacked your internet

Yes, it is possible for someone to hack your internet data. Hackers can use a variety of methods to gain access to your internet data, such as exploiting software vulnerabilities, using malicious apps, or using brute force attacks.

What Do Hackers Target Most?

Hackers typically target systems that have valuable data or provide access to valuable data. Common targets include websites, databases, and networks. Hackers may also target individual computers or devices, such as smartphones, to gain access to sensitive data or personal information. – Multiple Security Solutions

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