USB Block – Block Access To Unauthorized USB Drives To Prevent Data Loss

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Consider yourself in a situation where you’re sitting with your friend and leave your PC/laptop under his supervision for a while… would that be safe? I don’t think so. During work, snacks are something pretty mandatory without which we’re not able to focus and just walking down to the kitchen while leaving your PC unprotected is NOT SAFE. Your so-called friend or colleague may appear to be friendly but may have other intentions. For example, your PC contains some confidential information like documents, lyrics, secret formula/recipe, private photos, etc. and all with the help of a USB drive; you may end up losing everything. If you have several PCs or if you’re simply using PC at home, then installing USB Block on each PC/laptop is your ticket to safe computing.

In many conditions, we need to answer the door or answer a phone call, and logging off your device in front of your friend only means that you do not trust them. So there exists the problem where on one hand all of your life’s work is at threat and on the other side, exists your friendship. It seems like you’re only allowed to go with one option which is a bit hard to understand.

Certain examples exist in the past where entire ventures and businesses go down the drain due to idea or concept being stolen in a blink. So if you’re in possession of something confidential or creative, use some security software(s) to protect yourself from such emerging threats.

Therefore, it’s time to identify the problem & that is the simple and very commonly used USB drives. Now USB drives are small, handy, portable and what not but can sometimes be very dreadful if someone uses these portable devices to steal your private information/data.

However, all is not lost, and there exists some hope. We’re living in the modern century where such threats are something a bit hard to eliminate, but the risk can surely be minimized to the least possible level. How? It’s simple, read on.

A security software known as USB Block (as the name suggests) blocks any unauthorized USB drive from connecting to your PC/laptop. USB Block lets you prevent copy of your data to USB drives and CDs/DVDs that do not belong to you. What USB Block is a permission-based software which once installed, asks you to set and confirm a password that will give access to your trusted USB drives, CDs/DVDs, etc. and blocking every other device. Similarly, doing so prevents any data leakage, data duplication of your files and folders that may be confidential.

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How USB block Work?

How USB block Work
How USB block Work

How does it work? Well, USB Block prompts a password whenever an external device is plugged into your PC. If the correct password is entered, the access is granted, and if the wrong password is entered, no access is further granted. For your convenience, this software also lets you create a list of authorized devices for you so that you won’t be prompted for the password the next time you insert that device.

Also, USB Block is different. How? Well, it is unique by the fact that it blocks all devices, ports, drives, and slots from which the data can be leaked.

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This software also blocks unauthorized network computers & non-system drives to make sure all type of malicious activity does not reach you. If you have several PCs or if you’re simply using PC at home, then installing USB Block on each PC/laptop is your ticket to safe computing. Now you don’t need to panic while leaving your PC under the supervision of a friend or a colleague. You don’t need to log your device which explains you do not trust the other person sitting next to you. Now you know how to deal with such threats as you’re no longer supposed to be bothered by the fact that what may happen behind your back.

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