USB Stick Containing Police Sensitive Information Stolen

Security experts have been pressing on the immediate need of securing your USB drives by way of encrypting them or by using some USB locking software that can block every unauthorized access to it. They keep warning us about some big loss to result into, should people still not understand the need of securing their portable USB devices.

A big event like that happened in Manchester, where Greater Manchester Police have warned that the USB memory stick that had some crucially sensitive criminal information has been stolen from an office’s home in Oldham, UK.

While the matter has been forwarded to the Independent Police Complaints Commission and the I

USB Security
USB Security

nformation Commissioner, a big rumbling question still needs to answer. And the question is whether the personal and sensitive data contained in that USB stick was encrypted or not? Or to the very least, was the USB memory stick properly guarded with some locking software?Not neglecting the issue that such a sensitive piece of information should never have been left with some Officer in his home, and that too was unencrypted and unprotected.This event depicts a major security loophole in even the department of defense and security where people do not realize the importance of securing their portable storage devices. So what if you are working in a Police department and not protecting your storage devices or servers, the intruder and that too be a genius one, will never consider this fact that he is trespassing Government Security- and will get what he wants, unless of course, the storage devices are encrypted or at least password protected.

What’s important is to understand that no matter which organization or department you work for, your memory sticks- if they are containing secret information- should be kept protected by way of strong encryption or a hard to crack password so that the information stays protected even if it falls into wrong hands.

Get the help of some top notch USB security software and start securing your information before it’s too late to recover what you have lost.
Stay Safe..!!!!