Think Your USB Secure? Think Again!

Think USB drive is safe.. Think again
Think USB drive is safe.. Think again

USB flash drives are also known as thumb drive due to its small size. A USB flash drive can have a capacity up to a terabyte. A USB flash drive that has a storage capacity of 1GB can save data more than Six Hundred floppies. The price of a USB thumb drive is reasonably low. A USB has a storage capacity up to 16GB costs only $15 to $17. Due to its portability and affordability, it is extremely feasible to carry the data. Where its small size is advantageous to carry data, there is also a disadvantage of such tiny size that USB drive requires extraordinary care. Data acts as genetic material for a company. A delicate piece of information can reveal past organization planning as well as the upcoming steps of the organization.

USB flash drive can easily be lost or stolen. A USB can save a huge amount of data, if the USB is lost, it can be used as a weapon against the company. The rival companies can plan their steps accordingly and can use their client’s data for their own good. A company should focus on the security of their data. According to a research, data breach through USB drives are not a result of carelessness, but, due to the lack of security measures by the company. The company needs to track all the records of the USBs used by the company and the USBs plugged into the organization’s computers.The data breaches are not always a result of lost or stolen USB. Sometimes ex- employees steal data and present to their new employers. New employers can reward those employees who steal the competitor data. Even the employees of the company who are not at a respectable post in an organization can be bribed to breach data. Organizations need to restrict the irrelevant employees from accessing the confidential information about the business. To protect USB drives, organization may opt for the password protection. As a USB drive as a whole cannot be password protected–many of the important files are usually in MS Office format. MS Office applications offer a built-in password protection facility. It is necessary to use complex and uncommon passwords that cannot be guessed easily. Try to create password from the letters that are not closely located on the keyboard. Use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols for the password. The important and the less important documents should be stored separately.

Using encrypted software can provide a backup of the data. But encrypting data is not the perfect solution, because the data needs to be accessed from anywhere. Internet access is necessary to access encrypted data. There can be some situation where one cannot access internet. The traditional techniques to secure data do not offer cent percent security for the data. If a company gets willing to spend a small of money for the security of their data in portable storing drives, there is some reliable software in the market such as; USB Secure. USB secure offers foolproof security.

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