IPhone 5S. Will It Really Be A Super Phone?

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iPhone 5S-- Will it really be a Superphone
iPhone 5S– Will it really be a Superphone

Whenever a new edition of iPhone gets near to be released, it becomes a hot topic to talk about. Experts create hype on the subject of the new phone which is going to join the iPhone family. After the release of iPhone 4G, there rumors that iPhone 5 is in the pipeline and soon will be introduced to the market. Everyone was talking about the new features that the new iPhone will carry. Even a video was circulated on YouTube and social media with the name of iPhone 5, the features shown in that video were almost impossible to believe. The most interesting feature that the video featured about the iPhone 5 was the illusive keyboard and screen that appeared in the air or anywhere just with a swap on the screen.

It was the feature that I personally was not ready to digest. However, in the end, the video was proved to be fake. Moreover, after iPhone 4G, Apple introduced iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5, which proved all the predictions miserable.

iPhone 5S… “S” for Security (Thumb Impression)

iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S

Now, Apple is ready to introduce its new piece of art, the iPhone 5S. Apple iPhone 5S is getting hype for its security measures. It is supposed that the “S” with the name in iPhone model indicates something (Apple has not connected officially anything with the “S”). Like it was proposed by experts that that “S” in iPhone 3GS stands for speed and “S” in iPhone 4S stands for Siri. However, people are trying to link the “S” of the iPhone 5S with security. There are rumors that iPhone 5S will have feature of thumb expression detection for security. There have been many data breaches through iPhone that is why Apple is giving some extra attention on the security.

12 Megapixels Camera
There are some killing features are expected with the iPhone 5S which will bring another revolution in Smartphone era. The Apple’s iPhone was criticized for its not so awesome camera quality. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy 4 and Nokia Lumia 920 are dictating the market due to its excellent camera eminence. Now, Apple has redefined the iPhone camera and minimum 12 megapixels camera is expected in iPhone 5S.

Enhanced Display Quality and Size of the Phone
With the improvement in camera quality, from the addition of sapphire glass to Apple allegedly considering using Gorilla Glass, the display of the phone is reportedly going to have a Super HD display quality. Some grapevine related to the new iPhone’s size is also in circulation, there are fair chances that the new iPhone will be bigger in size and extremely slim and sleek. Actually Apple really does not want to alter the size of the device, but, they have to make changes per the market demand. Apple has broken its barrier by producing a mini iPad; this is an indication that the new iPhone may be bigger in size.

Available in Different Colors
The black and white color of iPhone without any doubt looks elegant, but the new edition of iPhone family may be available in different colors in the market. These colors will surely be introduced to attract youngsters as other phones like Nokia Lumia is available in a number of shocking colors.

Operating System for the iPhone have not been changed much, but it is expected that iPhone 5S will be using IOS 7. Nothing much is leaked about this new OS of the iPhone. However, it is reported that IOS 7 is developed under the supervision of Apple’s best executives, so, we can expect something special from the new OS.

Apple has not yet announced any official date for the launch of iPhone 5S. It is expected to be launched on 20th of July, 2013, but another group of people is claiming about the launch of new iPhone in September of the current year. As iPhone 5S is expected to get famous because of its reliable security, it is also pleasant to know that Folder Lock for iPhone can be operated on iPhone 5S as well.

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