Making Smartphones Smart For Battery Backup


Smartphones have revolutionized the concept of mobile phone; actually Smartphones are not typically phones. They have all the features of a phone, a camera, laptop and many other gadgets. Like many others, my Smartphone is also the best companion when I am alone. I love accessing social media on it, update my statuses, keep in touch with my friends and family and surfing on internet. Playing games on my Smartphone is such a pleasure for me; I also use my Smartphone to get entertained with movies and songs. These features make my phone really smart, however, as far as my phone’s battery life is concerned, unfortunately, it is not smart enough. Before I got my Smartphone, my previous phone had the battery life were measured in days.

But, my Smartphone hardly used to give me a backup of half a day. It was really frustrating for me; I wanted to sort this problem out. I finally got some solutions to increase the battery backup of my cell phone.The first thing that I found out to increase the backup of the battery was to charge it when it is fully empty. Many people like me put the phone to charge when it has consumed only half of the battery or a bit more than that. Experts advise that phone should be charged when its battery is fully or at least 80 percent is consumed. The empty battery stores energy better than the partially charged battery. Another mistake that many people make is that they interrupt the charging process by disconnecting and connecting the phone with the charger for a variety of reasons. The battery should be charged in a single flow without any interval.

Try to uncover your smart from every sort of coverings you have put to secure it from damage. These coverings may cause the phone to release an extra bit of heat, which is not good for your Smartphone. Let your phone breathe easy and free to get the best out of your phone. Features like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi ought to be switched off if not in use. These features are one of the major battery consuming elements for the Smartphones. Smartphones are basically known for their large screen and its quality. But this screen plays a vital role regarding battery backup. The brightness of the screen should be kept at a lower level which will make your phone energy efficient. Another adjustment in screen’s setting is to set short screen timeout, it can create a big difference in your Smartphone’ battery.

If you receive a lot of calls and text messages on your Smartphone, it is prudent to disable the mobile vibrator. Vibrator munches through a quite lot of energy from the phone’s battery. While you are travelling, and it is not necessary to use your Smartphone, it is an act of wisdom to put the cell at Airplane. Airplane mode is probably the most well organized mode as far as backup is concerned. Keeping as less widget on screen as possible can help you to get increased battery time.

These are some of the basic measures that are to be taken to get the best of your Smartphone’s battery. I have adopted all these habits and made all the required amendments in my Smartphone’s setting that can give better battery backup. Now, I can enjoy more by playing games, listening songs or surfing internet.

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