Tricks To Keep Your Phone As Responsive As A New One


You always enjoy using your new phone, as it is extremely responsive to your commands. But, after some time, it starts getting lagged and it starts frustrating you. It doesn’t matter you are using a top notch Android phone or an iPhone, the graph of its performance do take a dive. You must have desired to maintain your smartphone’s performance for longer. It is not that tough, here are seven simple steps that will keep your smartphone as efficient as a new one.

Keep your OS updated

Updates released by Apple or Android of their respective operating systems always contain different bug fixes to make your phone run smoother. You can check for updated versions of OS from Settings. Try to upgrade your OS whenever there is a new update available. Other than that, keep all the applications installed on your smartphone up to date. If you don’t do it, expect your phone to function slowly.

Uninstall redundant applications

Redundant applications mean that are installed on your smartphone. There are always some applications installed on your phone that you loved to use once. These can include some camera apps, social media, game or any other program. Keeping unnecessary applications on your smartphone can occupy storage and also use RAM to run some tasks in the background. As a result, your smartphone performance can fall significantly.

Close down background tasks

If you are using an Android phone or iPhone, you need to take some simple steps to neutralize the effects that are working in the background and affecting your smartphone’s performance negatively. If you have marked a number of applications as favorite, it will not keep your smartphone as efficient as it used to be. As a result, keep fewer applications as favorite.

Keep home screen simple

Android offers its users a number of home screen options and widget support, which makes it easier for users to access their favorite destinations in the phone. But, a cluttered home screen can affect the performance of your beloved smartphone. In order to maintain the speed of your phone, avoid stuffing your home screen with useless icons and widgets, keep it simple. The case is absolute similar for iUsers as well, there is no need to put everything on the home screen and use different widgets.

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Avoid animations

If you feel your smartphone is not responding you as promptly as it used, turn off some of the animations. Smartphones have different animations throughout from unlocking the phone to performing different tasks. If you are fond of keeping live wallpapers on your phone, replace them with a static one. These live wallpapers and animations slow down processing big time.

Clean some storage

As I said above, uninstall applications that you no longer use as they occupy a lot of space and can use your RAM for background tasks. Even after removing those apps, if you feel your smartphone is not behaving the way you desire, delete some download files. Deleting your pictures, wallpapers, songs or other similar files can help your phone to perform better.

Reset your phone

There are some instances, where you do everything right with your phone, but, still gets its smartphone performance lower. If that is happening with you, you should restart your phone. Moreover, sometimes your phone needs to be reset completely. A factory reset can also solve a number of issues that you were unable get resolved.