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History Clean 3.0

Clean All Browsers

Erase tracks everywhere on PC

Shreds evidences - so no recovery

Speeds up your PC
Erase all traces simultaneously
Built-in Shredder
Clean Windows History
Windows Compatible
For Windows - 1.4 MB - Version 3.0 - What's New?
What is History Clean?
Features & Benefits
  • Solid Cleaning
  • Fast and Easy to Use
  • Supports all browsers
  • Shredder included
  • Cleans PC tracks
  • Unrecoverable
Folder Lock Get Folder Lock for Desktop
  • Lock Files
  • Make Wallets
  • Encrypt Files
  • Protect USBs/CDs
  • Secure Backup
  • Clean History
  • This software allows you to clear the address bar history without having to clear your entire Internet history. That is one of the main reasons I love this application.


    Amos Abraham (Tel Aviv, Israel)

  • Nice! Just select all and clean all trash from PC. So easy, fast & efficient. Application works well, Everything is deleted with a single click.


    Anthony Adkins (Seattle, USA)

  • I like everything about this program. You can have it start from the Startup menu or via a batch file. And it runs with third party programs.


    Jay web (New Hampshire, USA)

  • Although, you can have Firefox clean up user activity history itself. Keep in mind that Internet Explorer settings are per user…


    Timothy Canhigh (Liverpool, U.K)

  • The best product to clear Internet activities history.


    Iarohi (Minsk, Belarus)