Customer Testimonials

Great App!

Delete Everything with a Single Click!! Great App.

Monty Eastwood (Wyoming, USA)

Just select items and press Clean!

I never knew I had so many hidden files and folders from history. This app easily clears up traces of my computer and Internet activities.

Rohaizah Chris (Hawaii, USA)

Fast & Efficient!

A fast application that frees up a great amount of hard drive space. And supports all internet browsers.

Kyle McDowell (North Carolina, USA)

Beats manual evidence cleaning!

I got totally bored on cleaning the history of every program that I used. It consumed lot of time, but as I got this software it saved my time a lot and I don’t have to subject myself to unnecessary repetitive work.

Julissa Schulte (Danville, CA)

This is an awesome program!

I like everything about this program. You can have it start from the Startup menu or via a batch file. And it runs with third party programs.

Jay Web (New Hampshire, USA)

Auto-clean I.E history!

Although, you can have Firefox clean up user activity history itself. Keep in mind that Internet Explorer settings are per user. If you run this from the All Users Startup folder, it’ll run automatically for all users.THE BEST!

Timothy Canhigh (Liverpool, U.K)

An awesome product!

This is awesome product. Keeps a lot of stress away by cleaning unwanted and accumulated cache and cookies data on my computer.

Timothy Frere (Connecticut, USA)

Best there is!

The best product to clear Internet activities history.

Iarohi (Minsk, Belarus)

Very specific!

This software allows you to clear the address bar history without having to clear your entire Internet history. That is one of the main reasons I love this application.

Amos Abraham (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Fast and does its job!

It saves a lot of time, instead of using the windows DISK CLEAN UP option, then waiting for it to clean, then going to the internet temp file, then removing the files left (notepad log files), then going to history and cleaning it up, then going to recent files and clean them up, too, then going to recycling bin to clean the cookie files!!! I just like this better. All you do is start the program, click what you want to clean, click on CLEAN ALL INTERNET FILES, and you’re done. SIMPLE!!! 🙂 🙂

Lucas, Ashworth (Georgia, USA)

A neat little program!

Again, like a few other programs I have previously tried out, this one is user-friendly and uncomplicated. It is harmless. It operates on much the same basis as going into Internet Options and manually using Microsoft Window’s own built-in tool to do the same job. The difference is this tool saves the bother of accessing Internet Options in Windows.

Clare Acker (B.C. Canada)

Works Well!

It works well, and I never knew I had so many hidden files and folders from history. Frees up a great amount of unwanted and unknown trash.

Abel Addison (Massachusetts, USA)

Fast & Efficient!

Nice! Just select all and clean all trash from PC. So easy, fast & efficient. Application works well, Everything is deleted with a single click

Anthony Adkins (Seattle, USA)

A friendly tool from a friendly advice!

I started using this program based on a recommendation from a friend. And I have been a loyal follower of the company’s products ever since. History Clean is very simple to use. I have set it on auto on 4 machines, and it enhances productivity by keeping my computer systems clean and clutter free from all the unwanted trash that gathers up over time.

Eve Ainsworth (Florida, USA)