Get to know the process of using History Cleaner as Shredder

History Clean is award-winning cleaning software that securely removes all recent activities and clean up history. It helps you to clean Internet history, clean browser history and Windows-related history to protect your digital privacy and improve your browsing experience.

You can delete files and folder by using ‘Delete’ operation of Windows, but that does not ensure complete anonymity. The reason is that when you remove anything from your PC by using ‘Delete’ operation of Windows or even when you empty your Recycle Bin, files and folders continue existing in your hard drive and can easily be retrieved by using any data recovery software. However, History Clean eradicates files and folders from the hard drive of your PC beyond recovery.

Primary feature of History Clean is to protect your privacy by cleaning computer history, but it also works as a phenomenal file Shredder Software which means it shreds files, folders and unwanted data that cannot be recovered even if you use the smartest data recovery software.

History Clean employs Secure Deletion technique to ensure maximum level of security. This technique applies military DOD specified deletion routines to overwrite files more than twenty times with random bit patterns to guarantee its irrecoverability.


To use History Clean as a Shredder Software, follow these simple and easy steps:

  • Click ‘Secure Deletion’ tab from the left pane
  • To add folders and files, click ‘Browse Folders’ and ‘Browse Files’ respectively.
  • When you are done with adding files and folders, click ‘Clean’ to delete them securely.

If you want to remove any item from the list, you can do so by using ‘Remove’ button.