How To Avoid Insider Threats


An insider threat is exactly what it sounds like, a threat within inside, in other words, this article is themed on the importance of USB Block software and how it fits in the overall picture. What is the inside? Usually it refers to data security threats that originate within an organization. A rogue insider is usually an employee with bad intentions. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an employee presently working in a company, it could a former employee or a board member who has access to important corporate data.

What’s more, contractors and third-parties also cannot be ruled out, as they too may become a security risk if the data they seek to steal is significantly valuable.

Why do data leaks occur?

The reasons could be many and widely varied. It could be an employee dissatisfied with his or her working conditions. Other’s may be appealed by the fact there’s potential to make a lot of money by stealing such data. Nonetheless, insider threats are more of a risk than say an attack by hackers. One may begin is stealing data worth the risk? The answer is yes, rogue organizations have, on several occasions, offered employees working in a competitor organization a hefty salary, bonuses and benefits too lucrative to turn down, that combined with their present unsatisfactory working conditions, becomes a strong motivation – and almost like a dogmatic belief – that they have the right to steal the data and use it for self-gain.

Insider Threats can be impossible to detect!

Whether you want to hear it or not, insider threats are impossible to detect. This is because, even high-level executives will break. To make matters worse, CEO have no choice but to allow executives some or all access to sensitive data, and there’s no way around it. As we have already witnessed in the snowden’s case, he was able to steal secret NSA files in a very strategic way, despite the NSA having extremely strict security, Edward Snowden was able to get away with secret NSA files. Thus, no matter what organizations do, regardless of preventive steps they take, they will not be able to stop insider threats.

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What are the options?

Most organizations have to spend millions of dollars to have software developed the restricted access, monitored the flow of data within company servers. However, since these are custom made software, there are bound to be some quirks within the software itself. On a different note, smaller organizations can’t afford to spend that kind of money, and thus have no choice but to risk it all. Nonetheless, most recently, a new data leak prevention software has been developed for the market, a one of kind and the only one available that prevents data leaks, this software is known as USB Block. USB Block can prevent data leaks from all sources, whether it is USB drives, WIFI connections, CD drives or any other type of storage device, with USB Block, you can set permissions to allow certain users, some access, no access or all access, it also gives the users the ability to monitor the flow of data in and out of company computers.