How To Keep Your Files Safe From Ransomware


You are sitting on your computer, writing the final lines for your software code – yes, the one you’ve been working on for the past 2 years to build – you are almost complete with it. All of sudden, your computer freezes, it seems like you can’t move your mouse anymore. You keep your cool and think that everything will be fine. You try to get things back into order by force restarting your PC. Accordingly, you hold down the power button and force your PC to shutdown, your PC does shutdown. You turn it back up again and it seems to be working fine – until you load your windows and a message comes up stating “you have been infected by a ransom virus, please purchase 3 bitcoins to unlock your PC”. Now, you begin to panic and take it to the Geek squad. The folks at Geek Squad tell you there’s nothing they can do when a PC is infected with Ransomware. You think about your option, and the only viable thing to do would be to pay the ransom, this amounts to over 2600 dollars. You’ll have to take this amount from your retirement fund – as you don’t have a choice. Accordingly, we get the money and purchase the bitcoins, you pay the specified ransom. Then once you end up freeing your PC, you find that all your data has been deleted including your software code. Not only are you 2600 dollars short, but you’ve also lost your software code which you put 2 long years into making. This is devastating, you try to seek compensation but the authorities tell you when it comes to ransomware, there’s nothing they can do.

Encrypt files

Ransomware Protection:

This story may sound unrealistic, but it is far from being a fantasy. Incidents like this happen every day to thousands of users worldwide. Ransomware can strike anytime, anywhere to anybody. Even antivirus companies are scrambling to find ransomware solutions. However, there’s no solution once you are infected, there’s only prevention and defense, and that too is not from antivirus companies, it comes in the form of an encryption software – mainly File lock which is the world’s best-selling encryption software. So, how does Folder Lock work? Folder Lock works by allowing you to encrypt your most important files and folders. For example, if your software code was encrypted through Folder Lock, it couldn’t have been infected, and would have automatically been backed up into a cloud server. Folder Lock has built in Ransomware protection – its immune to ransomware attack. Ransomware virus is not able to virtually hold hostage Folder Lock’s FLK lockers, and thus, these files are generally unaffected and automatically backed up. Folder Lock uses AES-256-bit encryption standards to safeguard user data, not only does it protects your data from ransomware, it also keeps your data safe from hacker and crackers. It has the potential to save you thousand or even millions of dollars in the long run – it simply pays for itself and then some.