Some Interesting Facts About Data Breach


Saving data digitally has become extremely popular due to its portability. A hard drive can save terabytes of data, if you try to save a similar amount of data in compact disks, it may require thousands of CDs. On one side mobility of data in digital storage is the biggest reason of its popularity; it is also the biggest drawback of this technology. Information saved digitally is always at the aim of cyber criminals, and data stored on portable drives like USB drives or memory cards always have a fair chance of losing it. Statistics related to these data breaches are astonishing. Hackers are not the biggest source of information breach; however, data breaches due to hackers are the most costly ones.

The wicked attacks of e-crooks cost $157 per data breach on an average everywhere. But, the biggest reason of data leakage is human error which has resulted two-thirds of the total data breaches in the previous year. Human error includes loss of a laptop, in a research, it was discovered that more than 45 percent of laptop that get stolen, contains delicate information. Out of those 46 percent, only 16 percent of the laptops possess some security tools to fight data breach.

Malicious attacks do not only mean the attacks of cyber devils, it also includes the acts of the internal black sheep of the organization. Hackers and internal theft of data contributed up to almost 47 percent of the total breaches in the United States in 2012. In the recent past year, almost 1.1 million of identities were exposed worldwide per breach. In the exposure of these identities, not only the hackers were guilty because 232.4 million of the identities were leaked deliberately. Deliberate breaches were mainly of costumers identities so that they can be used for the purpose of fraud.

The above numbers show that your data have been always at the stake of a breach, you need to have proper security measures. About 50 to 55 percent of the companies in the United States has suffered leakage of some kind of confidential information. Hackers are not the only foe to a company’s data. As per the statistics presented, cyber thieves and internal employees of the company jointly bring real danger to the company’s records. It will be a wise step for a business if it uses security software that can lock folders. Organizations have to tackle the both perils at the same time; hackers can sneak files from your computer by accessing your system with different techniques. Whereas, employees can steal data by copying the desired information on their portable drives.

The vast majority of the victims of data breach are not the pre-determined aims of the hackers. They fall into the traps plotted by e-criminals due to the negligence of internet security. They do not avoid clicking mal links contained by the spam sent by the hackers. Clicking those links, users allow a safe passage to the hackers to their computer. More than 70 percent of the victims became prey in search of opportunities to earn or to win a free gift hamper. The cost of data breach is increasing, it was $130 per record, but, in the current year, it has been increased up to $136. According to an estimate made by experts, cost and incidents of data breach are likely to be increased by 10 percent within the next three years.

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