How A File Lock Keeps Your Data Safe?


Keeping data safe is not everyone’s priority, but it should be because the value of personal data is increasing by the day. Simple bits of information can reveal big things about a person’s identity and pave the way for data leaks and identity theft. Therefore, if you don’t use a file lock to secure your data, you should get one right away. Data has become important over the years, and now that we are in the year 2017, the value of data has further risen – the more we rely on technology, the more value data holds. By the year 2020, it is expected that world population would have created nearly 40 zettabytes of data, this may not sound like much, but it’s quite a significant number. Most of the data is been generated by organizations. Whether its data on marketing secrets, financial spreadsheets, performance reports, human resources profiles or data on some intellectual property like software code. Likewise, organizations have realized this issue and have invested money in safeguarding company data through various software.

Recently, organizations have seen a surge of ransomware attacks, mainly due to reason that organizations are increasingly begin to value their corporate data. You may be wondering what is ransomware? Well, ransomware is a virus that infects your PC, but it’s not just any virus, it’s an extremely dynamic virus that identifies certain files, folders and drives on your PC and prevents you from accessing them until you pay up the demanded ransom amount. Currently, there is no fix if you end up getting infected with ransomware. Although, users do have the option to protect certain sensitive and important pieces of data against ransomware.

One solid solution to keep your data safe from ransomware comes in the form of a file lock which uses encryption to prevent ransomware from holding those files hostage – most notably Folder Lock encryption software. Files and folders safeguarded with Folder Lock cannot be hijacked by ransomware, as Folder Lock has been developed by veterans in the Information security domain. Folder Lock’s unique encryption algorithm naturally prevents other encryption software from encrypting data that has already been encrypted with Folder Lock – In a nutshell, data encrypted with Folder Lock cannot hijacked by Ransomware.

However, there are multiple varieties of ransomware, one of the most sinister is the type that completely restricts you from accessing your PC. In that case, Folder Lock can be enabled to automatically backup your encrypted lockers to a secure cloud server. Thus, say you lose all access to your PC and can no longer access it without completely formatting your PC, you do have the option to access your encrypted data from another PC, as all that is required is an active internet computer. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Folder Lock is an all-inclusive solution to your data security worries, it keeps your data safe from hackers, ransomware, insiders and prevent criminals from physically accessing your most important files and folders.