Folder Lock For Windows Phone – The Amazing Features Of The Amazing App

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Securing the Unsecure—Folder Lock Plus
Securing the Unsecure—Folder Lock

Data security is a growing concern for all the computer users around the world. During the current year, till the month of August, there had been more than two hundred incidents of data breaches that have leaked more than a million records. Surely, the number of record breaches clearly shows of how severe the problem of data breach has become. The main causes of data breaches are hackers’ attacks, portable data storing devices and Smartphone is also one of the basic sources of data leakage. If you have a Windows Phone, your data can be completely secure if you use Folder Lock for Windows Phone, the app is equipped with some effective tools.

Hide Private Photos and Videos
Folder Lock for Windows phone helps you save your private photos and videos. You can import pictures from the gallery, or if you have captured some special moments by accessing the mobile camera from Folder Lock, the images or the videos that you will make will automatically be transferred in their respective field. If you are willing to download pictures or videos by using the Private Browser of Folder Lock, the files that you will download need not be saved manually in their category. Folder Lock supports all the formats of the pictures and videos.

Decoy Password
Decoy Password means the fake password. Folder Lock for Windows Phone allows you to set another password other than the master password. This password allows you to make dummy protected files, which you do not mean to protect. When there is no way out except revealing the password, you reveal the fake one, so that the files that are secured in the Folder Lock do not leak. All the fields are available under decoy password and you can add images, videos, notes, documents and everything else just to bully the person that has coerced you to tell the password. It is quite a distinct and a vital security barrier that you will not find in other security software or app.

Hack Attempts
Every other security app or software is equipped with the feature of hack attempt. But, as Folder Lock for Windows Phone is a superior app than others, it has something extra in hacking attempts too. When a person tries to break into the Folder Lock for Windows, and he or she enters a wrong password thrice, the app stores the password attempts that he or she made, the time of the wrong entries of passwords and a picture of that crook is taken from the front camera of the phone. With this feature, you will be able to know who, when and how anyone is trying to break into your database to steal your information.

Folder Lock for Windows Phone is without any doubt offers you the best security for your data saved in the Windows Phone. It is the only app of this kind for your Windows Phone. The windows phone operating system is quite a stable one that does not have much of loopholes regarding data security. But, stronger is often better, the tighter the security will be the securer will be your data. Data breach can be extremely costly, so it is necessary to make sure that your precious data is perfectly secure.

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