Securing The Unsecure—Folder Lock For Android

Securing the Unsecure—Folder Lock Plus
Securing the Unsecure—Folder Lock

There has been a battle underway for quite some time of producing the best Operating System for the smartphone. The main contenders in the race are iOS by Apple, Windows Phone OS by Microsoft and Android by Google. Windows Phone Operating System is the least used OS around the world as compared to iOS and Android, however, Microsoft is working hard to get their Operating System a significant place in the market. On the other hand, Apple and Google are going neck to neck to climb the top position. The Apple’s OS is considered as the choice of the elite class that is why it has the demand, whereas, Android is used in an enormous number of devices that range from about $50 to $700. Android is ruling about 80 percent of the market at the moment, but, it has some real security issues as more than 75 percent of the hack attacks against Android get successful.

But, the good news is Android users do not have to worry anymore about their data security as Folder Lock for Android has been launched and you can download the app for FREE! This application is wonderful and has some real security measures to protect your personal data. Some of the mainstream features are given below.

Protects Videos, Photos, Audios and Play and View it in secure mode

No matter which smartphone you use, it must have been used as a camera a number of times. There can be some personal pictures, videos and audios that relate to your family or friends, which you do not want anyone to see, yet you want to secure them. You can import pictures; video and audio files from gallery, PC or Mac and can secure them in the Folder Lock for Android that can keep it secret from everybody else. You can also access the camera from the app and take pictures or make videos, those pictures and videos will automatically be secured under Folder Lock for Android. You can even enjoy seeing your secured pictures and play the protected videos and audios in the secured interface of the app, which means Folder Lock for Android does not compromise your data security for a single moment.

PC/Mac Feature (Web Server)

PC/Mac feature is an amazing characteristic of the Folder Lock for Android. You have to switch on the web server through the app, the app will show you an IP that you have to enter in any browser (Google Chrome preferably). Afterwards, you will have to enter the password in the browser that you use to access the app, and the data you have secured in the app will appear on your computer/Mac. The changes you will make in data through computer will automatically be made in the data saved in Folder Lock for Android and the changes you will make in the data through the app will be seen on the computer/Mac.

Miscellaneous Features

Folder Lock for Android is not just a security app, but, it is a comprehensive data security solution for your Android device. The app can secure your confidential documents such as financial records so that they do not get leak and make you suffer a loss. The app also allows you to write secure notes that cannot be seen by any prying eyes. It also facilitates you to secure personal contacts that you do not want any spying eyes to see, moreover, the app also assists you to send secret SMS to the groups(s) of contact you have made in the application. Folder Lock for Android simply allows you to secure absolutely anything; it is without any shadow of doubt the best data security application for Android available on the Google Play.

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