How To Secure USB Drive’s Data?

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secure usb
secure usb

There was an era when computer users barely had any physical medium to move their files from one computer to another or to carry them on the go. Then the age of floppy disks arrived with the concept of portability followed by advancement in information technology.

Hitting the milestone, this technology advancement has now reached a point where we are able to save gigabytes of data in a small size device called USB drive, which can fit easily into our pockets. Since a lot of people save lots of personal and private information in their USB drives which they carry place to place, and for the same reason chances of getting your flash drive lost or stolen are quite predictable. While it’s inevitable to keep your flash drive safe from getting lost or misplaced; you can at least prevent its data from falling into wrong hands.

best USB security software
best USB security software

There are many options available out there to secure USB drive and the data that it contains. One of the most common options used these days is the password protection which requires an authentication password before giving access to anyone. This means only authorized users who have the password can access the data. This is ideal for home or non-technical users who just want to protect some of their personal files from getting accessed by their roommates, friends and colleagues.
Second most common technique which is being used to secure USB drive’s data is encrypting the files before putting them in flash drive.

People use different file encryption software to encrypt their private and confidential information and then keep the encrypted data in their USB drives. Keeping files in encrypted form ensures complete security of files, even on a USB drive. So, no one can access those files without your permission (password) even if your flash drive gets stolen or left behind. Other available options for USB security can be employed depending upon your needs.

If you want to protect some very confidential files, you should use file encryption software to encrypt that data, and for this you can use Folder Lock. However, if you want a simple way to password protect your USB drive, you can opt for USB Secure.

Both the programs are easy to use and ensure complete security of your files and folders.
No matter what security option you may choose for protecting USB drive’s data, it must fulfill your requirement and must offer you the level of USB security that you want.

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