Lock Your Personal Files From Your Wicked Wife And Curios Co-Workers

Hide And Lock Your Personal Files From Your Wicked Wife And Curios Co-Workers


Hide Your Files
Hide Your Files

It’s a proven fact that information technology has changed the dynamics of our lives. Consequently, IT has enabled mankind to achieve tremendous feats which were not possible a couple of decades back.  However, where technology has enabled mankind to achieve remarkable things, it has also made life complicated and miserable. Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of information technology that has just recently surfaced is mostly concerned with data security – specifically personal data.  Personal data saved on your PC, phone or tablet can reveal all your hidden secrets. For example, if you’re a married man or are in a common law relationship, you know that your partner/wife regularly checks your phone’s browsing history to see which websites you’ve been visiting, or perhaps she likes checking your personal photos on your phone, tablet or PC. Now imagine, what would happen if she finds images of you fooling around with you new assistant? Your relationship would certainly be in big trouble!

Why Men Value Their Privacy ?

In the past, men only had to worry about leaving the toilet seat down, or how to not get caught while looking at other women. Sadly, in this age of technology, not only do you have to hear women nag all day – because you spend more time doing random things on your laptop than having conversations with her –  but also, now have to worry about what data you can save on your phone, tablet or PC.  Moving on, your love life is only a small part of the many problems technology has created; even your workplace privacy is at risk, more so, than ever before.  Take for instance another funny example; say you download your criminal record on your computer at work – for whatever stupid reason someone would do that — not realizing what will happen next. Accordingly, while you are away on break— mischievous mike from the networking department logs in to your PC – as he has the password to everyone’s PC – and discovers you have been arrested for walking on a public street wearing only women’s underwear – now there goes your reputation!   The point of these examples are self-explanatory, that is, we all have hidden skeletons in our closets – in this case your PC, tablet or phone – the only thing matters is how well that closet is locked – and how good is that lock holds up at keeping others out.

Consequently, our Personal computers are like closets that can reveal critical information about our personal lives – would you leave your closet unlocked for others to see all your personal stuff? Probably not! So, why is it that most of us carelessly save sensitive photos, videos and documents that can compromise your reputation, your marriage or your job!

How Data Security Software Can Solve Some Of Your Privacy Problems?

Software such as Folder Lock can help you safeguard your data from others by its ability to lock and hide data. It has a simple interface – all you do, is drag and drop your data on its interface and it’s locked. The software also has the capability of encrypting data – making your encrypted data impossible to steal by even the most sophisticated hacking software. The software also has a built in history cleaner allowing you to clean all traces of browsing history regardless of which browser you use. Furthermore, you can create password-protected encrypted lockers and upload them to Folder lock’s dedicated cloud backup service – secure backup.  Best of all, the software has built in stealth mode, a feature which hides all Folder Lock related icons, so other users on your PC cannot discover you have folder lock installed on your PC.