What Cloud Computing Really Is? The Hidden Secrets!

What-Cloud-Computing-Really-is-The-Hidden-Secrets! png
What-Cloud-Computing-Really-is-The-Hidden-Secrets! png

For the last couple of months, I have been looking through the different types of commercial clouds, trying different software, machines and running benchmarks. During these expeditions, I found out that the claims that companies make are not worthy enough. The performance of these commercial clouds, software and machine are not up to the mark. Getting onto the cloud is not that easy, simple and carefree as it is claimed. To be honest, these machines have not such capability to match the hype created by their makers. The ones who think that cloud is the other name of perfection may be they are living in a fool’s paradise. My statement does not mean that companies are making false assertion; however, the scenario is not as bright as the companies say.
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Here are some of the facts about the cloud that you need to know:

Varying performance of different machines
Cloud computing offers many choices to choose from, that generally go into shopping from the server. You just need to choose your operating system which leads you to the root to password and username. Everything else is supposed to be managed automatically by the cloud. All the machines should work in a similar passion, but, I have concluded that machines with the same amount of money to work differently. There is some difference among the machines regarding their soul i.e. the chips they contain.

Not foolproof security
If you give a single sight to cloud computing, you will think that data stored on the cloud is fully secured. You think that you are the only person in the world who knows your password. If the operating system is secured and all the patches are properly installed, you might be right. But all the cloud techs do not work on the same principle. According to a cloud tech, his company has blocked all the alternative passages to access the data that the user himself/herself has arranged. This step is in the favor of the user, the companies are working hard to make their cloud cent percent secure.

Estimating the cost
It is almost impossible to estimate the perfect cost that should be charged for the cloud facility. A company can offer a fast machine for the cloud technology at a higher rate per hour. On the other hand, a company may offer a lower rate for a slower machine but for a more time span. This all will come to the calculation of the opportunity cost of the company, which package suits whom.

Difficulty in moving data
You must have been infatuated by the idea of renting the machine on per hour rate but getting a machine is just the first step. But, if you want to store huge amount of data on the cloud, you need to spend hours to perform this task.

No guarantee
If you think that by securing your data on the cloud will give you freedom from the stress of losing your data, then you need to know the reality. The cloud server does not offer any kind of guarantee in terms of data loss. If your username or password gets leaked, you may face the trouble of losing your confidential data. However, if you can use software that has the capability of saving the lock files and folders on the cloud technology, you will be able to keep your data leak proof even if your username and password gets public.

Cloud computing is no doubt a big revolution in the field, but, this is an infant technology and it will get better and better as the days pass by.

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