Tech World. Not The Safest Place To Be In!

Michelle Rossevelt

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Internet threats
Internet threats

The tech world is nothing if new innovations and hype stops surrounding it. Every new activity in the tech world is superior, more polished, and seems to be more effective than the last piece of movement that’s taken place in the tech world. The giants that control this world has made a perception that if you do not follow the newest trends of this glittering world, you will be left out. As new innovations and prosperity in any other field of life has some pros and cons, the same case is with the tech world. The critiques of the tech world are usually found to keep only the benefits of the new invention in the spotlight and cover the negatives of such invention from the people.

The dark sides of these technological developments need to be disclosed to make sure the people’s security. So what are the hazards of the tech world that are undiscovered? Following are some of the hidden dangers of technological development. The hidden peril of Tablets as PC replacements

Tech World
Tech World

As the world is progressing, things are becoming more and more portable with every new invention. There was a time when people used to work on heavy duty and ugly looking computers, but at time elapsed laptop substituted those big heavy duty computers. Now, a few years back these laptops were also replaced by tablets. Tablets are touch screen devices having no keyboard or any cables to be connected, having all the capabilities of an ordinary computer. But, the fact is that the tablet is not the perfect alternate for a computer/laptop. Error free fast typing skills definitely need a physical keyboard not a digital one. That is perhaps the only reason that laptops have not yet perfectly sidelined by the tablet PCs. These tablet PCs are not also the safest of all, due to its small size they are easy to steal, imagine how much a lost PC can harm you, same is the case with tablet PCs. The undisclosed risks of the Big Data
Big data have been a new sensation in the tech world, there is a opinion that big data has even more than data then the internet. Big data track the activities of users and help them find their desired results accordingly. However, this big data is also being used by companies to promote their data to the desired people by tracking cyber movements. The negative side of the big data is that it exposes all the personal activities and gives a relatively easy way to hackers to perform their harmful actions. The unnoticed threat of Social Media
Social media has changed the concept of a true friend; it has faded the meaning of ‘friend in need is the friend indeed’. Unfortunately, people have started to measure their friends circle by the number of friends on social media. The bitter truth is that, these friends are usually unknown people and may hurt you financially by hacking or even physically. Such a case was reported in the US recently when a 15 year old girl was kidnapped and murdered by a person who met her or Facebook. Social media is not really the safest place to hang out with friends. Other than that social media is involved in exposing your confidential information to the cyber criminals. These e-crooks can easily access to your information and exploit it for their own good. The continuous development in the tech world has made the world a global village, but, this village is exposed to a number of threats. Internet users are always on target to be harmed; these threats are just one click away to hunt your privacy and security. To survive this modern world which is full of perils you need to keep yourself safe from these risks. The easiest way to secure oneself is to use data security software like Folder Lock that allows the fastest encryption of your files and offers all the necessary weapons to tackle these dangers.

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