The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

Edward Robin

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Cloud computing is one of latest progresses in the field of computer technology. Working on your computer, but, keeping your data on an online server at another location is the basic definition of the cloud computing. There are always reservations to people about keeping their dear assets to the third party. The situation is quite similar in cloud computing too, there are perks and disadvantages of the cloud technology that you must keep in mind when you decide to keep your data on the cloud server.

Convenience in accessing data

Convenience access
Advantages and Disadvantages of Convenience


The biggest advantage of using the cloud technology is the convenience that it offers to the user for accessing your data. You just need an internet connection to reach your records that are saved on an online storage. No matter from which part of the world you are trying to access, you will easily access your data by entering the right username and password.


You can reach your data from anywhere in the world because of the remote server. Where it gives you a huge advantage it also imposes a mighty risk of getting that data leaked. Hackers are too smart and are very skillful in hacking accounts. As these third party remote servers do not provide you the much needed data security, your information saved on them are at potential risk of getting breached. However, using Folder Lock through which you can store your encrypted digital lockers on the cloud can give your data the comprehensive security.

Storing capacity


The modern age cloud servers facilitate you with almost unlimited data storage capacity. If you are using online servers to store your data, you need not to worry about the storing capacity.


The perk of unlimited storing capacity is not free. The majority of the companies that offers their cloud servers to store your data allow you to store a maximum of 5GB for free. Afterwards, you have to pay a sum of money to buy extra storage space. The facility of storing your data on an online server proves to be quite expensive in the end.

Location Independence

Advantages and Disadvantages
Advantages and Disadvantages of Location Independence


Location independence is the feature that makes this cloud technology a blessing for computer users. You need not to use the same computer to access your data from which you had uploaded it. As said above, you can access your information saved on the servers from anywhere in the world and at anytime as per your desire.


Even if you are using the same computer from which you had uploaded your data on the cloud server, you need to have an internet connection to access it. There are times when you are unable to check your emails because of the down servers. The same situation can occur when you need to access your information, but, you cannot as the servers are down. So, where it is a blessing, it can be a curse as well.

The above mentioned pros and cons about the cloud technology might have cleared a number of doubts in your mind and now you can make a better decision whether to opt for this latest technology or not.


Cloud computing is relatively a new term for computer users around the world. This technology is absolutely amazing and has a bright future, but, it is not near to perfect yet. IT pros have to work hard to make this technology harm free.

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