Technology Advancements – Secure Socializing Exist No More!

Michelle Rossevelt

Technological Advancements – A Relief:

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Technological Advancements

The boost in technology has created immense opportunities for growth, prosperity and many lifesaving instruments. Today we are able to communicate, discuss, and socialize without even meeting in person. So if we talk about convenience, I’m sure technology proves to be a winning option.

Different platforms exists for socializing like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and all of them are unique in their own way. Having said that, it’s not easy for us to overlook the other side of this trend!

The Other Side of the Internet!

Let’s cut to the chase shall we? It’s time that we identify what circumstances we have and what exactly are we dealing with. We’re living in an age where life has become too fast! We’re short on time and have immense activities to do. We try our best to taste everything around us but we sometime forget the risks and threats that revolve around what we use!

As they say there are two sides to a coin … fits perfectly in this case. You see using social media accounts for socializing seems an easy option but it also opens access to the numerous prying eyes. Our regular social media activities open many doors for the prying eyes that may result in data loss!

For this reason, it is necessary for you to use an app that protects you from such threats.

Social Media Vault:

Social Media Vault lets you protect your social activities easily
Social Media Vault

An Application known as Social Media Vault lets you use multiple socializing accounts (Facebook, Twitter, instagram) from a single interface. Furthermore, it’s a bit drastic to login and access each account individually which has been a trend for quite some time. But Social Media Vault lets you get a head on!

It doesn’t matter if you’re using an android or iOS device as Social Media Vault lets you protect your social activities easily.

This app lets you protect and access different (more than 50 social media apps) through its protected interface. Imagine using such many apps without the fear of any data loss, wouldn’t that be a sight? Few years ago, hearing such thing was considered to be rare. But in today’s world it’s all made possible for your convenience.

What’s more?

Well the best thing about this app is that you’re not bound to install those apps on your device as all these apps are already installed on your device.

Hide App Icon:

most secure social media site
Is social media app safe

In addition, this app lets you hide your app’s icon! This means that you can enjoy using multiple socializing apps and no one will ever get to know about it.

Panic Switch:

Now comes the most interesting part that includes panic switch! Now you might have experienced some moments when you’re surfing your social sites and suddenly someone arrives. But such issue is history as the Panic Switch feature saves you from such hassle. All you need to do is flick, shake or place your palm on the screen to switch to another app in case if someone appears at the wrong time!

An App like no other!

But that’s not it as this app is created to do much more. We do recommend you to use this app or simply give it try and we’re pretty sure it’ll be able to fulfill your regular dose of socializing through multiple apps!


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