Internet Threats – History

Internet History
Internet History

Who doesn’t get all psyched about the big sporting events like football, soccer, world-cup, the Olympic Games, the US masters or the super ball? Every sport loving individual on this globe gets excited and all crazy about these big events. They are BIG, full with excitement and Lots of fun which, you don’t know when, throws you in the ring of Scary Internet Bad guys Vs. YOU.

Using your excitement about these great sporting events, these scary internet bad guys use your enthusiasm to get you to lower your own defenses. Here’s how it works! They know that you are totally excited about these great sporting events, so they’ll approach you while being dressed up in a legitimate fun offering source. Let’s give you a few big examples.

You can either receive a spam email containing an offer to win ‘free tickets to the FINAL MATCH’ or ‘exclusive video footage of an exciting GOAL’. You will take no time to jump on the EXCITING offer, which they pretty well know already. Clicking on the spam email may also take you to the nasty phishing website that looks like an original website that deals in selling tickets and merchandise, but in actual they are working to steal your money and credit card details. There is a possibility that you think you are safe because you have installed a strong anti-virus or anti-spam program in your computer. For those of you, here is the bad news. You are still not immune to the nasty tricks of these bad internet guys. What you forget here is that THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING and they’re putting a lot of work in their malicious cyber crime activities.

Can you imagine that they are putting this much efforts in making their intentions successful that they can even appear in the top most search results of your favorite search engine. Even if you know what to click and what not to, there is still the possibility that an official website can become the source of infection- if it has not been properly maintained by the people who run it. Especially, when you leave loopholes in your defenses by not keeping your own bits and bolts up to date; like your operating system and your internet browser.

So how do you stay safe? Here’s the simple solution.

Keep your system up to date. Use a legitimate operating system and keep it updated whenever it asks for. Don’t ignore those system pop ups because these updates fix the loop holes you leave in your defenses. Further, the browser you use mainly should be kept up to date as well, as it plays an important role in keeping your sensitive information safe while you are surfing the internet.

Lift your guards up by installing a reliable internet security program that looks for bad stuff continuously and curbs it every time it makes a move. Use your own discretion while checking your emails- don’t click on everything you find exciting or thrilling. This could be a well designed trap that you forgetfully enter into.

So, don’t let your guards down just because you are too excited about something. As privacy comes first, then comes anything else.Keep reading our articles and stay informed about the security of your data. Stay Safe..!!