Dell Plans To Purchase EMC Corporation For A Whopping $50 Billion Dollars

Edward Robin

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Dell is an American company that is best known for their laptops and desktops. However, recently the company has shifted their focus towards storage technology. The company is planning to acquire the multinational company EMC for $50 billion dollars.  EMC is best known for providing information storage solutions and is the parent company of vmware which is very popular server software. Consequently, If this deal goes through, it will be the largest tech deal of all time.

dell plans to purchase EMC

Surprisingly, top executives at Dell were not informed about the deal talks until it broke news on the web. It seems that Michael Dell, the founder of the company likes to make decisions on his own, and could care less about the opinions of his co-workers. The talks were privately conducted between CEO Michael Dell and EMC’s CEO Joe Tucci.

However, according to sources, the final terms and conditions of the purchase have not been finalized. It was revealed that both parties decided to keep their talk secret until the takeover deal was finalized, mainly to protect their respective stocks and stakeholders confidence.

EMC has also added a go-shop provision in the initial agreement which will enable it to explore better offers from other competitors, companies that could be interested in EMC may be HP, Oracle, Cisco Systems and IBM – although it’s unlikely they would be bidding for the purchase.

Dell PCs and laptops became popular in the late 90’s when computers began gaining popularity amongst middle class consumers. Dell has recently shifted focus towards becoming a service provider for enterprises, providing IT services, hardware and software solutions. It was revealed the EMC had been looking for buyers. In the past a deal with HP, requiring all stock-merger failed when the two parties could not agree on a price.

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