Microsoft’s New Surface Book Laptop Sold Out

Edward Robin

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Little did Microsoft realize that their newly launched Surface book laptops would end up selling like hot cakes! The Surface Book laptop was only available for purchase on Microsoft’s own online store, and now all their units have been sold out.

What’s surprising is the fact that Surface Book is their most expensive model – which starts at $1,500. The Surface line of laptop hybrids is revolutionary in the sense that users can utilize them like tablets with laptop processing power and specs. Microsoft claims that the Surface Book is a laptop that can serve the function of a high-end tablet.

Microsoft’s laptop sold out
Microsoft’s laptop sold out

Those looking to buy the Surface Book may still be able to find it on Amazon. Microsoft is blurring the line between what is classified as a laptop and what is considered a tablet – with this product, it seems that Microsoft was right on the mark.

To learn why users have shown a profound interest in this latest laptop hybrid, you’ll need to understand its specs:


Right out of the box, the Surface Pro comes preloaded with Windows 10. Users are also offered a 30 day free trial of Microsoft office.

Processing power and graphics:

Microsoft has offered two options for the processor; you can get a 6th generation Core i5 version or i7. As for the graphics card, customers can choose between Intel® HD graphics 520 or NVIDIA GeForce GPU paired with 1GB GDDR5 memory.

RAM and storage options:

Customers can choose between 8GB RAM for moderate multitasking, or 16GB RAM for extreme multitasking. In regards to storage options, customers are offered 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or a massive 1TB option.

Display and screen size:

As for the display size, customers are offered only 13.5 inches screen size with an output Resolution of 3000 x 2000 (267 PPI).


Must try these desktop Softwares on your new surface book :

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