All New ZTE AXON-Mini Has Features Not Seen On Other Flagship Phones!

Edward Robin

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When it comes to smartphones, the ZTE Corporation is considered by many users to be insignificant when it comes to manufacturing cutting edge, flagship smartphones. However, all that is about to change, as ZTE is planning to compete with the likes of Samsung, HTC, Huwawei, LG, iPhone and other flagship smart phone manufacturers. The company has introduced the Axon line of flagship models which are AXON, AXON mini, AXON MAX and the AXON smart watch.

all new features ZTE-AXON
all new features ZTE-AXON

The company claims that their new flagship models are designed around a consumer minded theme. The products directly cater to most frequently requested features desired in a smartphone.

The ZTE AXON mini boast a unique set of features which smartphone enthusiasts will certainly drool over, the following are the features and specs highlights:

Touch Screen Technology:

The AXON was first introduced in July 2015; its primary highlight was its pressure-sensitive touch screen, capable of detecting different pressure levels of touch, overall enhancing user-experience and improving touch usability.  This new feature is designed to significantly improve gaming, typing and other touch screen operations. In regards to color and screen quality, ZTE has utilized Samsung’s super AMOLED technology, resulting in crisp, sharp colors with high pixel density.

Hardware Specs:

The AXON has been integrated with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 octacore processor complimenting its Adreno 405 Graphics processor. What’s more, user will have plenty of RAM to work with; given it will come with 3 gigabytes of it. Moving forward, storage space is adequate at 32 GB but can be expanded to 128GB. Battery performance is a bit modest at 2800 mah; consequently heavy users will need to recharge their phones more often.

Camera Specs:

The rear camera sports a 13 megapixel shooter; using phase detecting autofocus technology (PDAF), significantly improving auto focusing speeds. The front camera boasts a 5 megapixel shooter, allowing users to take high quality selfies.

Body Material:

One of the most exciting features for this phone is its body; it’s made entirely out of Boeing 787 aircraft grade material which is a titanium-aluminum combination.  As a result, the phone has a very premium feel and has a thin design measured at 3.5mm.

Advanced Security:

The AXON-Mini will offer users 3 options in terms authentication: Eye scanner, finger print reader and voice-recognition.


AXON-mini will initially be available in China, and then the various similar models would eventually be introduced in Russia, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, India, France and Australia. The premium edition of the phone will be priced at approx 389 Euros while the basic version price will be set at 329 Euros. Nonetheless, U.S based customers may be able to get their hands on one through Amazon or eBay.

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