One Plus Plans To Manufacture Smartphones In India

Edward Robin

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The Chinese company OnePlus has collaborated with Foxconn on developing various models in India. Foxconn, a manufacturing company most famous for developing and assembling parts for the iPhone will primarily be developing OnePlus smartphones for the Indian market due to heavy demand for their smartphones. However, it’s important to know that the Indian market is already saturated with other Chinese smartphone brands.

One Plus Manufacture phone
One Plus Manufacture phone

According to OnePlus, the company wants to make it easier for the Indian market to receive OnePlus handsets, having a factory in the country will expedite shipments to buyers. Foxconn has planned on developing at least 10 to 15 manufacturing plants across India. Under the leadership of prime minister Narender Modi, the country in gearing up for a revival in their manufacturing industry.

Although India has one of the world largest smartphone markets, Indian users prefer cheaper Chinese phones over the expensive iPhone and Samsung models.

Manufacturing of OnePlus models has be predicted to start at the end of this year, the company plans to start off by manufacturing 500,000 units every 4 weeks. According to sources, One Plus is following in the footsteps of its rivals Oppo and Xiaomi who have already confirmed their plans to setup plants in India.

India is only second to China in terms of the number of smartphone users. According to Cisco systems, the country could have around 690 million smartphone users at the end of 2019.

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