Five Common Mistakes Committed By Smartphone Users

Edward Robin

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Think once, how many times do you pick up your phone and use it for some purpose? You probably will not be able to do so because you check your phoneuncouuntable times. That makes it an important part of your life. A life without smartphone is hard to imagine in this era, we use it for a variety of purposes. We have been so dependent on these intelligent phones that it is hard for us to perform some of the simplest of tasks. But, we still have not learned how to use them safely and take proper care of them. That is why, many of the smartphone users commit mistakes and eventually compromise their security.

common mistakes by smartphone users
common mistakes by smartphone users

Keeping phone unlocked

Keeping your phone locked and entering passcode every time you want to check it, can be a bit irritating. But, it is the best and the easiest way to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information. The expert hackers may easily find their way to your data saved on your phone cracking your password, PIN or pattern. However, if you lose your phone and an ordinary crook picks it up, he will find it tough to unlock.

Enjoying unsecured public WiFi networks

The Dangers of Using Public Wi-Fi
stay safe on unsecured Wi-F

The majority of the users consider public WiFi as a blessing. They love getting connected to it and use it to socialize, access banking information, reaching all confidential records and other similar stuff. They do not give a second thought to the dangers associated with it. Well, these public WiFi connections are not actually curse in disguise. Hackers and other snoopers use these unsecured hotspot connections to a great effect to perform their mal activities. They use it as a platform and can manage to make a safe passage to users’ smartphones using these connections. As a result, you need to be cautious and avoid using these public hotspot connections to access your accounts.

Not Staying updated with the latest software

Software upgradation is a must. If you stick with an outdated version of operating system on your smartphone, it can drive you towards some damages. The updated editions of the operating systems are modified to tackle newer threats. If you are still using an outdated version of an operating system, the loopholes that were present in it, will still be there. However, in the upgraded versions, those loopholes might have been fixed by the manufacturers, thus, you can keep your privacy intact more effectively.

Tapping on all links

most likely to be victims of phishing
the most likely phishing attack

According to experts, smartphone users are more likely to be a victim of a phishing attack than desktop users. Smartphone users are least bothered by security threats and find it hard to discriminate between a normal link and an infectious or phishing link. Thus, users tap on short and other links as well without thinking much about security.

Storing piles of sensitive data on smartphone

It is hard to safeguard data that is saved on your phone. Thus, it is better to keep as less data as possible on your phone. However, people piles up confidential files on their smartphone and end up losing them. Be careful and wise while saving confidential files and folders on your phone.

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