Guidelines On How To Use Your Smartphone Safely

How to Use Your Smartphone Safely?


How to Use Your Smartphone Safely
How to Use Your Smartphone Safely

In this article, I will highlight the various best practices on how to safely use your smart phone. You may not know this, but smart phones can contain a lot of personal information which can lead to theft of your identity.There are alot of issues that can also arise in case your mobile phone gets lost or stolen.   Your data on smart phone is also on risk if you are using public wifi hotspots. Thus, the following are list of best practices which promote safe smart phone use.

Set a pin or password for your smart phone:

This is perhaps a no brainer and is the simplest means of securing your phone against thieves and unauthorized users. A pin or password is your first line of defense and it’s a mandatory requirement if you want to protect your privacy. Your failure to set up a pin or password can make the job an identity thieve super-easy – all your bank, credit-card and social media related passwords can be compromised without effort.

Set a pin for your SIM card:

Simply setting up an unlock pin or pattern for your smart phone is not enough, you also need to make sure that no one has access to you telephone number. Crooks can easily take out your SIM card and insert it into another phone where they’ll have access to your personal and business contacts. Additionally, thieves have also been known to make expensive phone calls which can end up costing you an arm and a leg.

Update your phone’s OS and firmware regularly:

Updating the OS and firmware is a good idea; most updates carry critical security fixes. Simply downloading these updates can save your phone from potentially devastating attacks.

Install data security software on your Smartphone:

Smart phones are engineered to be smart – and like every other smart device – it too has the capacity to store worrying amount of information, if they fall into the wrong hands – information which could also be worth a lot of money if it contains corporate related data. Consequently, smart phone users don’t have a choice other than to simply store private information on their portable devices – in fact this would defeat the purpose of smart phones. Therefore, it is essential that they do so responsibly by password-protecting their data on their Smartphone with software which can as a virtual folder lock.

Use a virtual private network:

Using a virtual private network masks your identity, making it impossible for hackers to track you down. VPN works by changing your online identity – In a nutshell – you are not what you appear to be on the internet. However, one negative aspects of using a VPN is that it can considerably slow down internet browsing speeds, so having a good VPN service is essential – especially for working professionals.

Never leave your Smartphone unattended:

Most people have a tendency of leaving their smart phones on flat surfaces without realizing the consequences of doing so. A rule of thumb to keep in mind is that: leaving your smart phone lying around in a public place such as a restaurant, café, or at the office is like leaving your social security number for everyone to see. Identity thieves are always on the lookout for such careless acts – as it’s more convenient to just pickup a Smartphone lying around then it is to physically snatch it from someone.

Download and register with a remote wipe service:

No matter how careful you are, there will be times when luck will not be by your side. Therefore, to prepare for that day, you need subscribe to a service which will allow you to remotely wipe clean your phone’s data. These services enable you to log-in online, track down your phone using GPS, and from there you have option to wipe data stored on your Smartphone’s hard drive. However, most remote wipe software are not capable of wiping the data saved on your phone’s external memory card, so it’s best to migrate your personal data into your phone’s hard-drive when using a remote wipe service.

Last Words And Suggestions!

Smartphone security is one of the most worrying problems now-a-days. Mobile users have become very conscious about the security of their smartphones and their personal data within their smart phones. There are many solutions out there but the most viable solution for smart phone data security is Folder Lock For SmartPhones.