5 Rules For Smartphone Etiquette

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Chances are that you spend more time with your smart phone than you do with any other gadgets. Like most people, you’re smart phone goes everywhere you go. Some people also have the tendency to take their smart phones to the bathroom. Whether at the dinner table, at a meeting, at work or out on vacation, the smart phone keeps us connected to our friends, family, co-workers and the internet. Not surprisingly, people have also been known to have sensitive images saved on their smart phones without having the protection of a Gallery Lock. However, all this smart phone madness has to be contained, and society needs to create some sort of barriers against disruptive use of smart phones.

rules for smartphone
rules for smartphone

Accordingly, here are 5 rules to follow to make smart phone use look more civilized for people around you. Although some of these pointers are obvious, we knowingly or unintentionally make these mistakes on a daily basis.

Screenshot_2Prepare a signature for text messages:

No one cares if you are not on the fastest 4G network in America, nor does anyone care if you are using a Windows Phone. Proper etiquette is to remove the default signature and add your name to it. So that others know who you are.

You are not a photographer:

Why is that you should take photos of every single thing at every single moment? It’s true that photos help us capture memorable moments but constantly taking photos leaves little time for having a meaningful conversation with people around you. Be it at a wedding, a party or some other social gathering, you can see people constantly uploading images to flaunt their social media page. Accordingly, if you really are a photographer, then you should be using a DSLR instead of a smart phone.

Don’t shout on the phone:

Some people are still living in the past. Our phones lines are no longer primitive, when one was required to shout over the microphone to get his or her point across. Over the years, things have gone digital, voice clarity is no longer an issue, therefore there’s no real need to shout over the microphone – this is especially true if there are other people around you. By shouting you’ll achieve nothing but to annoy the people around you and anger the person on the other line.

Send text messages carefully:

Whether you are walking, driving or riding your bike, chances are you are headed for disaster. Texting is worse than talking over the phone and you are far more likely to get into accidents. What’s more, sending text messages to co-workers and immediate supervisors that are free of typographical errors should be your top priority in regards to business communication. Consequently, if you are not careful of the message content sent to your co-workers, it could seriously undermine your professional character.

Funny or annoying ringtone notifications:

Whether you are into rap, funny sounds or some other annoying aspect of music, you should avoid setting such sounds as your notification ringtones. It’s obvious that every time someone calls, people around you get to hear snoop dog bust a rhyme. However, those people could be easily offended, so keep your ringtone to default sounds or set pleasing or soothing music as your ringtone.

Good Etiquette  For The Use Of Cell Phone

1. Silence your phone in public places.

2. Avoid taking calls or texting while in the presence of others.

3. Avoid using your phone while driving.

4. Refrain from using your phone in restaurants, theaters, or other places where it might be disruptive to others.

5. Respect the privacy of others by not making or taking calls in public places.

What Is Smartphone Etiquette?

Smartphone etiquette is the practice of using your phone in a polite and respectful manner in public. This includes refraining from talking loudly on your phone, avoiding using the phone in places where it may be disruptive, such as in a restaurant or theater, and respecting the privacy of others by not taking calls in public places.

Importance Of Mobile Phone Etiquette

Mobile phone etiquette is important because it helps to create a more respectful and considerate environment for everyone. It is important to be mindful of how your phone use affects others, and to show respect for their privacy. Mobile phone etiquette is also important because it can help to prevent distractions and disruptions in public places, which can be disruptive to the overall experience.

Basic Etiquettes

Basic etiquette is the practice of being polite and respectful to those around you. This includes being aware of your surroundings, using appropriate language, not using your phone in public places, and refraining from making loud or disruptive calls.

Golden Rules Of Telephone

The golden rules of telephone etiquette are:

1. Speak clearly and be respectful.

2. Listen before you speak.

3. Avoid using slang or profanity.

4. Avoid talking loudly or interrupting others.

5. Avoid multitasking while on the phone.

6. Be mindful of the time and duration of your call.

7. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid making calls in public places.

8. Let the other person finish before you start

Which One Is An Important Phone Etiquette Answer?

The most important phone etiquette rule is to always be respectful and courteous when speaking on the phone. This includes using polite language, avoiding interrupting the other person, and not speaking too loudly. Additionally, it’s important to be mindful of background noise and to avoid speaking on the phone in public places.


Since the arrival of smart phones, our societal norms have changed. When we are busy using our smart phones, we begin to have little regard for our surrounding environment. Although smart phones have made things easier, they have created a new set of problems.

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