Keeping Your Smart Phone Secure Inside & Outside


Our smart phones have become our lifeline; society has created an artificial need for them. Everyone these days seem to be jumping on the smart phone bandwagon. You see it everywhere, whether it’s the garbage man or the busy executive, everyone has a smart phone.  Our smart phones are considered extremely personal devices since they contain sensitive details about us. Moreover, our sensitive social media profiles can be readily accessed through our phones which often contain the most secret information about us. Shockingly, users could care less about their social media privacy and do nothing to safeguard their social networks with free apps such as social media vault.

Some users also access cloud services on their smart phone such as Google drive, Dropbox, Ever note, one drive and apple iCloud. Given the type of accounts your smart phones can access, smart phone security should be our top most concern. However, since we take our mobile devices wherever we go, the chances of them being lost or misplaced are greatly increased. Some smart phones like the iPhone have all the features necessary to safeguard your privacy, while Android phones are considered less secure, but newer lollipop version are rumored to have been equipped with latest in data security protection. The following are some of the tools you can download for free to keep your smart phone secure from the inside:

Antivirus app:

If you don’t have an antivirus app on your smart phone, you need one. Most apps are free and can prevent malicious applications from infecting your smart phone. The role of an antivirus app is to detect and remove viruses in the form of applications. Keep in mind that downloading apps from the official store does not automatically mean that app will be free of viruses. Therefore, it always pays to have an antivirus on your smart phone or tablet.

Use VPN on unsecured networks:

There are times when we have to use public networks such as free WIFI at cafes, parks and airports or train stations. Most people don’t know that these “open networks” are a hang out spot for hackers and e-criminals. However, should you choose to use an unsecured network make sure you download a free or paid VPN app which encrypts your connection. A VPN will prevent hackers from accessing your device, as all your connection is encrypted at the device level.

Install a glass protector and use a protective case:

Keeping your smart phone safe on the outside is also important. If you happen to drop it without protection, it could possible shatter the glass on the screen and or break your phone’s shell, possible damaging the internal circuitry. Therefore, get a screen protector installed and buy a decent phone case. Brands such as Spigen and Otterbox are good choices. Accordingly, if you have accidently happen to drop your phone or you have children at home then it’s a good idea to at some external protection on your smart phone.


Your smart phone can be considered a valuable investment, therefore it is in your best interest to keep it secured and running like a well oiled machine.