Dumb Things We Do With Our Smart Phone


With smart phone getting smarter by the day, people using them are using less of their brains – thus getting dumber by the day. Our smart phones are equipped with mind-blowing features, such as the ability to snap HD quality pictures and videos. Surf the internet using 4G LTE speeds – put your home broadband connection to shame. Moreover, we can find an app for virtually anything. For example there’s an app that can even that can prevent your wife from accessing your facebook account on your smart phone, the app is appropriately known as Social Media Vault.  Getting back on the main subject, some smart phone users are so obsessed with their devices; they don’t realize the stupid things they are doing with their devices. Accordingly, the following are some of the dumbest things people do with their smart phones:

Take photos of food and share them on social media:

Some people love to eat, and then there are others who love to show-off their dinner plate. People have been known to obsessively take images of food and share them on social media thinking they’ll get some likes. However, most people may think that sharing images of food is quite ridiculous. What’s more, other people sitting at the restaurant are sure to have a good laugh watching you take pictures of your food.

Settling arguments through text messages:

No one knows when it started, at some point in time; humans began to communicate through text messages. People began settling arguments through text messages instead of meeting face-to-face. Sure sending text messages is faster, we can get to the point quicker. However, through text messages we lose two important aspects of communication, one being tone and the other being context. If you are determined to solve things over social media, you could call them through Skype or what’s app.

Use a lighter app on your smart phone to a concert:

Although using a lighter app at a concert may look cool, however, times have changed and what use to be cool back in the days is now outdated and out of style. Anyone who uses these lighter apps in a concert needs to get their heads straight.

Taking stupid selfies:

With the advent of front facing cameras, people have become obsessed with selfies. Today, people are taking all sorts of selfies, from the drunken selfie to the duck faced selfie. People have also been killed while taking a selfie; one sad example is of a teenager who took a selfie of himself in the woods with a black bear roaming in the background. Soon after, the black bear mauled the teenager to death.

Using your smart phone as a boom box:

Remember the 80’s when you could walk down the streets playing your boom box dancing to the beat. Well, those are days are long gone and if you are still walking the streets with your smart phones on speaker playing 80’s music, you are just plain annoying. All you are doing is annoying people with you smart phone and people no longer appreciate music blasting from speaker phones.


There are a lot of other things people do with their smart phone which should be considered a crime. However, these are things I found to be most annoying.