The Negative Impact Of Texting On Society

Michelle Rossevelt

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Since the first text message was sent in 1992, it has become one of the most convenient form of communication. Especially, the youngsters love this form of communication and widely use for it to communicate with their friends and family. In the modern age, billions of text messages are sent every day by people of different age, religion and ethnicity. These messages carry jokes, serious talks, problems, solutions and simply everything. But, this constant rise in the use of text messages for the purpose of communications is raising a number social problems.

It is an extremely common practice among mobile phone users keep texting even if they are in a company of a bunch people. It is definitely not a decent act to do. Many people, especially, people of the previous generation, feel offended when someone texts sitting in front of them as it can send vibes that the person doesn’t really respect or care about you. However, some believe that texting has become a part of our life, it is somewhat similar to breathing, so they don’t mind it. People think that it has become something without which you cannot live. To me, it is totally wrong. If you are with a person, you should give all your attention to him/her. He/she must have taken some time out of their busy schedule for you and value that.

Texting has made relationships vulnerable irrespective of its nature. Communicating over written words usually creates misunderstanding, you do not know the tone of the person sending you the message, you do not see his/her expressions, you do not know his/her mood, it often leads towards misunderstandings. Moreover, a little delay in replying text messages can often result in a qarrel or confusion between the two. There is no way that you know why the person at the other end is not responding, he/she might get busy. But, the majority of the time, people feel like they are being ignored and they cannot tolerate it.

Texting also affects your health. The increased use of smartphones can lead users towards ‘double bind’. Which means, many people feel anxiety and a need to be in the contact when they do not have their cell phone around. A study showed that teens and tweens using cell phone more than their need, can psychologically trap them. This situation of theirs can lead towards death as they get addicted to drugs and alcohol, which surely has no positive outcomes. Moreover, texting keeps young people in arousing, which makes it hard for them to relax or sleep. The situation keeps getting worse and ends in a worst situation.

Negative Effect Of Texting

the risks of text messages
effects of texting too much

The negative effects of texting include increased distraction, decreased attention spans, increased risk of car accidents, increased stress levels, decreased face-to-face communication, and potential invasion of privacy. Texting can also lead to a lack of meaningful conversations, as well as decreased productivity.

Does Texting Have A Negative Impact On Society?

negative impact of texting
Negative Impact On Society

Yes, texting can have a negative impact on society. It can lead to a breakdown in communication, as well as decreased productivity. It can also lead to a decrease in face-to-face interactions, which can lead to a decrease in empathy and understanding.

Negative Impact Of Text Messaging On Students

text messaging has a negative impact on students
instant messaging for students

The negative impact of text messaging on students can include a decrease in academic performance, as well as a decrease in face-to-face communication and social interaction. Texting can also lead to cyberbullying, distraction from schoolwork, and a lack of focus on important tasks. In addition, texting can lead to sexting and potential invasion of privacy.

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