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Are you tired of scooping your phone out of your pocket every time you receive a notification or just to check the time? Are you unsure of the amount of exercise you do everyday? Are you interested in calculating the walking distance between your home and your office? Are you interested in buying a watch that would look awesome on your wrist? The answer is simple, Apple Watch.

apple watch smartwatch
apple watch smartwatch

Apple Watch is a smart watch produced by Apple and announced on September 14, 2014. But, due to considerable supply constraints, the company took time in shipping the new product, which they were finally able to do on April 24, 2015. However, despite these initial problems, Apple was able to snag a sizable lead with total worldwide shipments of almost 7 million units according to research firm Canalys. That figure, covering just two quarters, was higher than the shipments of all other vendors combined over the previous five quarters, Canalys said.

Apple Watch comes in a variety of different styles and sizes. It comes in three versions – ‘Sport’ in anodized aluminium, ‘Standard’ in stainless steel, and ‘Luxury’ in 18 carat gold. Each model is available in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm. The watch features a square touchscreen sapphire crystal display, and can be controlled using a dial on the right hand side of the screen, known as a digital crown. It runs a modified version of Apple’s iOS  and also has an integrated heart rate monitor.

Apple Watch uses a new force-sensitive that has never been seen before. You can use it to receive messages and send long distance emoji tap-ins. It’s speakers and microphones allow you to use the calling function. It also acts as your fitness monitor by tracking your daily walks and monitoring your heart-beat. It also allows you to use Apple Pay (if you can find an outlet which accepts it). You can dictate messages, use Siri, and also listen to music via wireless-bluetooth headphones. And yes, it tells the time!

One issue you’ll probably face would using Apple Watch is it’s short battery life. Battery only lasts a day, sometimes more, but then you’ll have to charge it if you want to continue using it. Apart from this, you can’t use most of it’s functions if you cannot connect it with your phone or any wifi network. In September, Apple released an upgrade to its current OS, named watchOS 2, bringing support for third-part  apps, updated user interface and improvements to Siri.

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